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Isola dei Famosi 2022 Episode 19: Exclusion, Candidate, 4 Dropouts

Isola dei Famosi 2022 Episode 19: Exclusion, Candidate, 4 Dropouts

Famous Island

The contestants made their choice: continue or give up after extension. What happened on Monday 23 May

there The nineteenth episode of Al-Mashoor Island series 2022 It represented a defining moment for the untouchables. As the audience already knows, the reality show has been extended: it will run for another month, Final set for June 27, 2022. That’s why, as we’ve already seen with GF Vip, contenders have the possibility to accept an extension or abandon the game in the episode where the release will initially end. The choice naturally concerned only the island’s veterans: the newcomers already knew about the extension. In addition to the choices of the untouchables, there was no shortage of television broadcast rule and newcomers. nominationAs usual.

ilary plassi He opened the episode with a video dedicated to the island’s veterans: the ten contenders that have been around since the start of the release. Carmen Di Pietro was the first to make the decision: he divided the group into two factions. He chose four veterans and two newcomers for his team: Nicholas, Roger, Eduardo, Alessandro, Marillaura and Gennaro. In the other group there was Guendalina, Lory, Luca, Pamela, Marco and Estefania. With the water-to-throat game, immunity was at stake for the entire group. The group that was not formed by Carmen won, so in this episode Guendalina, Lory, Luca, Pamela and Estefania were all immune.

So there were the first options moment: Nicolas, Lori and Carmen chose to continueWhile that Alessandro Iannone has given up. Elari also addressed the latest developments inAffairs It now appears that Estefania Roger and the group have almost entirely sided with the model. Meanwhile, Roger and Luca are instantly saved by TV, while Estefania and Gennaro remain in the balance. The last appeared in one Clash with Carmen Di Pietro, who repeatedly sent him to that country. Listening to the passage in which the outcasts themselves laughed at Palapa, Gennaro defined the quarrel as “useless” and gave Vladimir to the rival advice: treat and improve his sensitive being.

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He won’t have time, though: Gennaro is excluded from episode nineteen. However, he will be able to continue the journey in Playa Sgamadissima, and before leaving he gave the candidacy kiss to Carmen. This is amazing TV percentagesLuca 45%, Roger 26%, Estefania 17%, Gennaro 12%. A surprise has arrived for Gwendalina: her daughter, Jaya, the eldest of the three. In the bonus test only Laurie, Eduardo and Carmen won a sandwich: they had to hit the faces of the outcasts with ropes. I ate only infected faces. Thanks to Edoardo and Carmen, the whole group won a chocolate cake for Di Pietro’s birthday.

After this moment of celebration, Elari is back again The choices of the untouchables: who left the island and who stayed? Estefania, Roger and Eduardo agreed to the extension, Instead Guendalina decided to return to Italy. The Leader From the episode Luca Daffrè and she’ll also be in the next episode. At the end of the episode Ilary also revealed the decisions of the veterans of Playa Sgamadissima. He also left Licia Nunez and the famous Blind Island. Licia for business reasons: “I’ve made other work commitments that I must honor”. This is the blind motive: “I have very important personal issues to solve, and I can’t keep working for much longer than that”.

The Nominations for Monday 23 May 2022 He’s seen a lot of immunities. Only Nicola, Eduardo, Carmen, Roger, and Marillaura were nominated. The nominees are Marialaura and Roger, the latter was appointed by Chief Luca. Here are the nominations in detail:

  • Nicola’s name is Marialaura.
  • She was named Carmen Marialaura.
  • Marialaura’s name is Roger;
  • Roger’s name is Marialaura.
  • His name is Edoardo Marialaura;
  • Marco Maccarini nominated Marialaura;
  • His name is Laurie Marialaura.
  • Stefania Roger’s name.
  • She was named Pamela Roger.
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