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“In short, it’s disrespect.”

“In short, it’s disrespect.”

The controversy erupted during the launch of the official uniforms for the women who will compete in Paris 2024 with Team USA. It won’t be the only collection available: “So why do we offer this sexist uniform as the standard of excellence?”

The women’s Olympic uniforms that American athletes will wear at the upcoming Paris Olympics are sparking debate. Discord design is finished “sexist”to think “Males who have run out of cloth for themselves.”, “complicated” For the intimate care that may be required and the psychological preparation to perform a certain type of movement due to the concern for vulval exposure.

This outfit is not the only option available, considering that the ones shown by the manufacturer (Nike) were teasers for the launch and there are also other outfits in the racing clothing collection. Women will be able to choose compression pants, crop tops or tank tops, and bodysuits with shorts instead of bikini bottoms.

But controversy erupted anyway once the models went public. It’s happened in women’s soccer (regarding the opportunity to use dark-colored shorts rather than white), in gymnastics (choosing a one-piece suit instead of a leotard for girls) or even in hockey (regarding all the excessive necklines of tank tops ). The text repeats itself for women’s athletics.

What is wrong and what will make them abusive? The bottom is very high cut, and very skimpy (this is the main complaint) due to the way it is cut high at the hips. With all the consequent psychological discomfort due to the discomfort and exposure of the female body.

“It’s frankly disrespectful – admitted American marathon runner Lauren Fleischman in a post shared on Instagram -. Everyone who competes on Team USA should feel comfortable in the uniform they are wearing and not worry about wearing what looks like underwear. It exposes the genitals, and if it were beneficial to physical performance, men would wear it.”

Katie Moon, a pole vault specialist and Olympic champion in Tokyo, thinks differently and explains: “I want to be clear and start by saying that what was shown to the model was alarming and justifies the response she received, as I heard comments like: Why don’t they just make uniforms for men and women? I love people who stand for women, but we have at least 20 A variety of uniforms to compete with all the tops and bottoms available to us, we can choose what to wear and everyone should feel free to do so.

John Hock, Nike’s chief innovation officer, emphasized that the uniforms provided are just one of many options that athletes will use. At the same time, it provided a series of direct testimonials from athletes who were consulted during the uniform design phase. “So why do we present this uniform as a standard of excellence?”is Fleishman’s controversial question.

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