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Chiara Ferragni “speaks badly” Fedez on the phone: someone hears her and tells her

Chiara Ferragni “speaks badly” Fedez on the phone: someone hears her and tells her

Content of the phone call Chiara FerragniWhich he spoke ill of Fedezarrived in Afternoon 5. In fact, the influencer apparently spoke ill of her ex-husband while out in a store shopping: “She was in Forte dei Marmi to get noticed,” they say. Ferragni She was going to complain loudly Fedez During the phone call, according to the source Mirta Merlino. According to the source close to the journalist, the influencer would not have appreciated his presence Fedez In Forte dei Marmi the same weekend she was there too.

During an episode Afternoon 5 Aired on Tuesday, June 4, we also talked about the relationship between Chiara Ferragni H fedez, Fossils are now the order of the day. In fact, since they officially announced their separation, the two have done nothing to hide a certain tension between them and on an afternoon date on Canale 5, Mirta MerlinoShe, who is keenly following the events of the former spouses, announced that the influencer was caught red-handed while complaining about her ex-husband.

while Fedez He has been seen wandering from place to place in recent weeks, in the company of potential new flirts, he said. Chiara Ferragni Although there was talk of love on the horizon, in reality everything was emotionally muted. However, last weekend, the two were in Forte dei Marmi, clearly not together, and the mere presence of the rapper would have bothered the businesswoman a little, who would in fact have complained about the incident in a phone call.

The Mediaset journalist said: “A person who was in a store in Forte dei Marmi told us that she was talking on the phone. She was talking to someone and was complaining about the fact that he had gone there on purpose to annoy her and get attention, but then to ruin her weekend as a hero in Forte dei Marmi. What if it happened like the Sanremo festival? Well, frankly…it seems that the crisis started from there. The problem is that we are always at the same point. Men suffer a little from the female lead. And every time she was the protagonist, she had to be noticed Merlino.

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