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The Gemini app arrives in Italy for Android and iOS and replaces Google Assistant

The Gemini app arrives in Italy for Android and iOS and replaces Google Assistant

The generated artificial intelligence application Google Gemini arrives in Europe and therefore also in Italy for Android and iOS. However, on iPhones, it will actually be integrated into the Google app.

The Gemini smartphone app was launched in February this year, but Europe and the UK had to wait a few more months for it to become available in their markets as well.

Gemini Advance is Google’s answer to ChatGPT: you can try it right away, but after that it becomes paid. Goodbye cool

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On Android, you can get Gemini By downloading the application from the Play Storeor by activating the specified option within Google Assistant (Digital Assistants/Choose between Gemini and Google Assistant).

If you choose Gemini instead of Assistant, by saying “Ok, Google” or by holding down the phone’s power button (for those who have this shortcut set) The generative AI will wake up and will also respond to requests verbally.

The app also allows you to ask questions (write prompts), as is already done with Gemini via the browser Upload images to get specific answers to the attached image.

As an assistant, Gemini can create or edit timers and alarms, and set reminders and calendar events. Initiate calls, send and read messages. Control your device, such as turning on the flashlight, managing Bluetooth activation, or opening an app. It can also perform smart home functions.

In the future, it will be able to manage media service providers directly, for example to start podcast playback or stream audio from third-party applications; It will then have the ability to initiate routines and translate conversations via Interpreter mode, which for now remains a feature of the old Google Assistant.

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On iOS, as mentioned, Gemini will arrive in the Google app. However, we will have to wait a few weeks, The company says. After the update, within the application there will be a Gemini button represented by a star icon through which the artificial intelligence will be awakened.