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Green pass on trains and flights in force after August 15

Green pass on trains and flights in force after August 15

The Green Boss For long distance transport. Trains, ships and planes. The move was expected in the Cabinet today, but at the end of the meeting between Salvini and Tracy, it was decided to put the documents back in order by addressing them one at a time. After the judicial reform – which is set to begin in Montecitorio on Friday – the topic will resume, and next week there is likely to be a cabinet dedicated to schools. Beyond the controversy between the parties, it takes time to understand how another wave is rising and what the percentage of unknown teachers is. At a national level, the data is encouraging and is over 85%, but if we examine individual areas, the data changes with Sicily, which has more than 40% of the unvaccinated population. Therefore, the government can determine targeted initiatives in individual regions without introducing a national obligation, for example, to a few dozen teachers in Lazio.

Infectious curve

Moreover, those involved in the statistics observe that the development of new cases, no matter how provocative, cannot be prevented as has been seen in countries such as Spain and the Netherlands in previous weeks. Compared to the previous Wednesday, there was a 32 percent increase in new positives yesterday, instead of a 100 percent increase in the number seven days earlier. In total, there were 5,696 new cases, with a positive rate of 2.3 percent, 15 deaths, and hospital admissions increased by 68 units. There are some explosions to holiday destinations: for example, relatives and friends of a 12-year-old Romanian woman who tested positive for 15 cases at a camp site in Lazio, Fondi; Swabs for another 200 guests, another 300 not shown, but they can not leave the structure without testing. Other clusters such as the North Roma, Between Santa Marinella and Santa Severa, with four closed rooms. The peak of the epidemic in Italy is expected from August 10 to 20, but this reinforces the notion of the need for widespread use of the Green Pass, in which Drake believes. Green Certificate From August 6, if you need to dine at a restaurant at home or attend an event, after August 15 it will become a requirement to travel by plane, high-speed train or ship.

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The right to move non-residents is not limited Vaccine, Because more can be obtained Green Boss, Undergoes an antigen test, which should be explicitly negative, up to 48 hours before departure. For those taking a flight to an airport in another European country, little or nothing will change, as the Green Pass is now required to travel within the EU. As for the controls, the material for the trains is very slippery and the checks are easy even if they depart more properly at high speeds. Different talk is that on local public transport, the document is postponed to September if the epidemic situation worsens.

Since the onset of the epidemic, it has been understood that the hypothesis of doubling the number of road vehicles in service in large cities already flooded is little more than a slogan. However, at the same time, the introduction of the Green Pass on buses and subways has some drawbacks as it is more complicated to organize checks as it can be a very severe limitation for undetected ones. The official reason for saying that the Green Pass is a last resort on local public transportation is that the chances of the virus spreading are low because you stay on the ship for a short time on the bus or subway. This reason is true in almost all cities, less so in big cities like Rome.

The most likely programming in line with Prime Minister Mario Tragi’s wide spread of vaccines will include this series: indoor restaurants, museums, gyms, events, spas on August 6; Then, based on the progress of the epidemic, a new order will be prepared to introduce the same tool in long-distance transport, with a practical application after August 15th. In parallel, we will evaluate how professors can be trusted to vaccinate the missing area, while in September, based on the data of new positive events and the filling rate of hospitals, it should be allowed to use buses and the metro only for those with a green pass who are assessed to have a very effective reduction. Hopefully there is no need, because to date 60 percent of Italians have received at least one dose.