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Il CNR conferma: 2022 inizio da record tra caldo anomalo e siccità

Summer, already a record start, says the CNR, we see opportunities and risks for the rest of the season “

Weather: Summer is already off to a record start, CNR says, and we see opportunities and risks for the rest of the season

2003 repeats itself, a legendary summer in Italian climate history

CNR confirms: 2022 a record start amid abnormal heat and droughtThe summer of 2003 is considered the hottest in the climate history of Europe and Italy in terms of heat intensity and duration.. This was a turning point from Mediterranean summers dominated by the Azores anticyclone to warmer summers due to the increased penetration of the African anticyclone.

Many thought that such a climate would never return, but instead, the data CNR (National Research Councilthe most authoritative Italian research center) this year in hand we are already repeating the same path with values Register; Unfortunately Perspectives They are not great for the next few weeks and into August There are many dangers to keep in mind.

But let’s go properly. Firstly Confirmations We are in line with the summer of 2003 from the CNR Historical Climatology Research Group. Italy had a positive anomaly in June 2022, meaning it was warmer than normal + 2.88 ° C Compared to the most recent thirty-year reference (1991-2020). Basically it was the second warmest since 1800 to date, after 2003. As expected, several temperature records fell: For example a Rome Urbe + 40.0 ° C, Florence 40.2 ° C with a Viterbo and other places in the center. Milan had 23 hot days with temperatures above 30°C, usually only 4 in the whole month!

The heat related to the values ​​in our mountains should also remain silent. The average level of frost is 4000 meters, in fact, unusual temperatures were recorded up to the highest peaks. Unfortunately this has had severe effects on the glaciers, which is seen in a tragic way Marmalade. Also, severe rainfall deficit has been confirmed across the country; Single storm breaks are often localized and cause more damage than anything else (large hail).

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With these results, June brings the highest (all-time) average temperature value since the beginning of the year. Unprecedented drought: In fact, the first six months of 2022 were the driest on record with a margin of -43%, That means missing half of the rain It usually falls in the first part of the year.

Prospects and risks. According to the latest forecasts, in the second part of July A fresh pulse of African anticyclone is expected From inside the Sahara desert to embrace most of the Mediterranean Sea. The main effects will be on the temperature, indeed the subtropical origin of the incoming air masses, in addition to more sun, it is reasonable to expect a new and stronger rise in thermal values. All these are aHeat waveReady to splash ad with thermometers Above 38°C In many cities, but inland it can exceed 40-42 °C, especially in the plains of the north and in the inland areas of the two large islands.

For this reason it is fair to speak”danger“In practice it translates Repeated heat waves are coming from the heart of Africa. These anomalous and red-hot phases should be considered “waves of bad weather” because we know the damage they cause: prolonged droughts, health problems and last but not least extreme weather events. In fact, this excess heat increases the energy associated with the effects of hail and storms, whenever drafts of fresh air manage to “pierce” the anticyclonic shield.

Temperature anomaly in June (Source: CNR)Temperature anomaly in June (Source: CNR)First six months of year warmest in entire time series (Source: CNR)First six months of year warmest in entire time series (Source: CNR)Unprecedented drought, about 50% lack of rainfall (Source: CNR)Unprecedented drought, about 50% lack of rainfall (Source: CNR)

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