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Chamber recognizes confidence in emergency extension

Chamber recognizes confidence in emergency extension

There were 452 votes in favor and 53 votes against the government’s confidence in extending the state of emergency until March 31, 2022.

There is a way forward from the room. Montecitorio approved with 452 votes in favor and 53 against Hope In the order of extension Emergency Until next March 31st. The government was due Intervened last December: In fact, by the end of 2021 the state of emergency will have expired and will no longer be automatically extended. In fact, in January 2020, two years after the outbreak of the Govt epidemic, it was announced by Giuseppe Conte. This necessitated the intervention of Parliament following the decision of the Executive Council.

The question of prolonging the state of emergency always causes conflicts between political forces. Especially, when Conte Government The center-right opposed a series of extensions, accusing the government of reducing the role of parliament. Since the inauguration of Mario Tracy’s government, including the League, from such parties Matteo Salvini The pressure against the extension is low. However, the process of the last decree is not easy: in examining the amendments, in fact, The government went under Precisely in relation to the demand for Carroccio change.

However, to protect the order, the administrator was confident. Perhaps on March 31st, if the infection curve allows, the state of emergency will be allowed to expire. In fact, many are asking to go beyond the emergency structure and use the mechanism of colored areas and the green cross. “Reopen everything without restrictions at the end of the emergency“At the request of Massimiliano Federica, President of the Conference of the Regions, he added in an interview with the Republic:”We need to get past this stage, with data clearance, however, advancing with vaccinations and the extension of agreements to strengthen the health system.“.

While there are still those who listen to the warning within the scientific community, this is a shared demand on many fronts. Not only that: Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, Pointed out how Although it is now possible to look to the future with greater confidenceHowever, we should not deceive ourselves that the epidemic is over.