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UFO, born a permanent office in the United States: a milestone in vision

UFO, born a permanent office in the United States: a milestone in vision

The U.S. House of Representatives passed on September 23rd Fiscal Year 2022 National Security Accreditation Act (Ndaa). In the terms included in FY2022 Ndaa, this arrangement establishes a permanent office to carry out the work currently being carried out by the working group. Unidentified aerial events Ability to submit annual report on unidentified aerial events (in conjunction with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence). For the first time, civilians and military pilots were invited to report UAP / UFO footage during their flight. This was achieved through the work of some MPs and advisers, such as Senator Harry Reid, Chris Mellon, former Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence in the Clinton administration, and George W. Bush. Senior Adviser to Senate Marco Rubio, Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Services Committee, and John Podesta, Chairman of Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

This time it is necessary to underline that this competition will not take place only in the United States, in fact the document offers the possibility To extend Collaboration with various partners including other countries and private companies.

The “withdrawal of UFOs or UAPs” began on December 17, 2017, with the announcement of the historic and destabilization of CNN by Luis Elizondo, former director of the Pentagon’s base program. World excitement And in the most rigorous consideration of the UFO / UAP event. The news soon went worldwide and was immediately recognized in 2018 Pentagon In the authenticity of the videos, with the confirmation of the US Navy in 2019, the capture of the aircraft by the pilots of the Nimitz aircraft carrier actually performed the movements and speed of unidentified flying objects Not ideal With the United States or other powers. Law in 2021 Intelligence Financial Year 2021 Recognition – Advanced Air Threats – Detailed description of an inter-agency process that guarantees timely data collection and centralized analysis of all unidentified aerial events reported to the Central Government with the request of all intelligence agencies, service or ‘agency receipt information’.

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Another Epoch Breakthrough for the UFO / UAP Event The UFTF Initial Report for UAP 25 June, with Milestone The reality of UAPs: “UFOs / UAPs are a natural technological reality that interacts abnormally with our aircraft and does not match our technologies that need to be studied without stigma or prejudice”. A fact that cannot be explained by science only explains the things it knows. No one can say from this date that UFOs are instrumental conflicts, strange sensations, sounding balloons or illusions … From this date onwards, with due respect to the suspects, UFOs / UAPs True It will be studied with new tools and scientists will have to try their hand. The documents rejected a preamble, including hundreds of thousands of page flight reports made by experienced pilots.

Yet the same truth has already been in our sky and sea since 1947 (if not earlier). Meanwhile, some leading scientists, such as the director of the Department of Astronomy at Harvard University, have begun The Galileo ProjectAnd even NASA is re-evaluating this matter.

In this century we can see the official declaration that mankind is not the only civilization in the universe. It is no coincidence that new discoveries in science talk about a new physics that can explain what we currently have. That is not possible, Affirming Clark’s third law: “Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” All that remains is to wait for the development of events, but the direction has now been discovered and carried out. And the community too ufology A few months ago it became a global think tank: Iser, International Alliance for Extraterrestrial Research.