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Govt, majority in reopening divided: Hope May 3 |  Salvini: "Immediate yellow zone where possible"

Govt, majority in reopening divided: Hope May 3 | Salvini: “Immediate yellow zone where possible”

Penalties are not relaxed before May 3rd According to the Minister of Health, it is necessary to start with “to allow a new season for everyone, but in safety”, “gradually easing restrictions”. The scientific world is on the same wavelength: prudence and greater prudence is the order of the team based on the survey and analysis of data that cannot really be done, filters from the most cautious section of the majority, the week before next Friday. So with the next ISS tracking, it can certainly provide the path for any easing plans, but not before the next May 3rd.

The weekend on May 1st, like all holidays, is truly credible with the red, which, with central ownership, wants to take less drastic action from an orange zone, even in this issue.

In the assumptions that follow the order of strictness and prudence, the reopening calendar should forecast high schools returning to class from May 3, and after analyzing the impact of this relaxation, raise the bar for bars and restaurants only if there are outdoor tables. The same goes for the game.

April 23 is the decisive date In short, the date circled in red is April 23rd, which is used not only to check the epidemiological curve and the relative weight of the infection in the hospital setting, but also on the front of the vaccine. Emma is due to speak next week about Johnson & Johnson, which is based on the vaccination campaign of Commissioner and General Francesco Pavlo Figliulo.

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Lega: “Go to the yellow zone where data allows”Matteo Salvini denies this: “If tomorrow we see the control room improving data in many parts of Italy, next week we can make a CDM and order a return to the yellow zone, so for life”. The center-right wants to use Friday tracking to plan to reopen from April 26th. To do this would require a group of ministers and a simple resolution to allow reopening in some low-risk areas.

Restoring the “yellow zone” would be as different as the league leader would like. In fact, to bring Italy back to the three colors, a new decree law is needed, which will soon exclude various sources of current administration. Another point where Tracy doesn’t want to back down is the order of priority. According to the Prime Minister, high school boys should be brought back to school first and then bars and restaurants should be reopened. Both actions are not yet standard, which varies from person to person working on the document.

Pfizer: “We will drastically increase deliveries” Meanwhile, Pfizer’s CEO says 250 million doses of the vaccine are coming to Europe. “We plan to drastically increase our vaccine supply to European countries in the coming weeks. We will deliver four times more this quarter than we did in the first quarter: 250 million doses, after giving 62 by March. But I’m optimistic, “said Albert Burrell, chief executive of Pfizer.

In Germany, registered vaccines: 738 thousand in a single day Germany, which vaccinated 738,000 people on Wednesday, appears to have no problem with the vaccine campaign. So far, in the Federal Republic, the first dose has been given to 17% of the population and the second to 6.3%. Health Minister Jens Spaun expects all citizens to be vaccinated this summer, with the involvement of general practitioners in the big births and vaccination campaign expected in recent months.

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