Tuesday, July 23, 2024

“The disaster happened with the Conte government” – Libero Quotidiano


On vaccines Paolo Miele Ruthless: “There was a change of pace, disaster struck with the government Giuseppe ConteGuest Corrado Formigli in Piazzapulita on La7, the former manager of Corriere della Sera He is not pointing the finger at the “innocent” former prime minister, but at the chaos AstraZeneca.

“Everyone understood that vaccinations should be given first to those in their 80s, then to the 70s, then to those in their 60s … and health workers. What changed everything?” Messy – confirms Millie -: We ended up With Millions of doses And they said, “No, look, they only go to the smallest.” So they thought about giving it to college students and so forth, but not because they didn’t care about the handicapped and so on. “

“Conte – director continues – innocent, already damaged. Then Conte’s successors arrived and AstraZeneca’s history began to swing rather than settle down, first only the young, then only the old, then no women because they took Coagulation… leaders of the European authority, the American authorities on Johnson & JohnsonIt seems to me crazy and unscientific things. Preventing or advising against vaccination because there were 6 cases, of which only one was fatal, out of 7 million who were vaccinated. any kind of… ”

“I’d like to add one thing – Formigli intervenes -. For a month AstraZeneca can also be given to seventy-year-olds, but Regions They did this for lawyers, local health authorities, and health professionals in the broadest sense, for people who hadn’t seen a Covid patient even with an endoscope. Let’s say about Lawyers Not many hesitated to vaccinate them. “

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