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Giovanni Allevi in ​​Sanremo, guest of the second evening

Giovanni Allevi in ​​Sanremo, guest of the second evening

Sanremo – Almost two years after leaving the stage to fight the battle for his life, Giovanni Allevi returns to play the piano in front of the audience. He does this by serving as a featured guest at the Sanremo Festival, with strong support from Amadeus Whom he met last spring: “The idea came to me when I called Giovanni Allevi: When we discussed it I realized that no additional monologues would be needed.

Alevi explains, “I will play the piano again in front of the audience after nearly two years of absence due to treatments. I will also have the opportunity to leave the audience thinking about the subject of the disease that directly or indirectly affects many.” From us.” He will play a new, as-yet-unreleased piece of music: “The piece is called tomorrow I wrote it while I was in the hospital.

Line-up and guests of the second evening of Sanremo 2024

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So the musician from Ascoli Piceno wanted to thank Big mama Who said she was happy to be able to meet him because “we represent the time and beyond.” “She was the one who gave me the strength to decide to come,” Alevi admits. “This experience of illness brings you into contact with the deepest essence of human frailty, but when you are there you discover the most authentic truth: suffering led me to discover the truth of the world.”

To get rid of this problem, music was key: “During my long stay in the hospital, the instrument was not at hand, but it was never a problem for me, because I was composing in my head. I had a good experience, and I realized that the music I developed was Completely free and giving meaning to my suffering, turning my fear of the future and my fears about the possibility of treatments not working into musical notes. How beautiful it is that music and art are an opportunity to transform human fragility into an all-encompassing strength in which we can all find ourselves.”

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Sanremo 2024, Work and Rights: Here is the festival of battles

Written by our correspondent Silvia Fumarola

meaning tomorrow It all comes together: In this period she became a Stoic, the Stoic of Marcus Aurelius, the great philosopher-emperor. I've embraced the idea that when the future is uncertain, we must live the present more intensely: I've taken a few years off my end and I want to live them as fully as possible. “My tomorrow is an extended present that reaches at most until tomorrow, not very far away, but there is hope that tomorrow will always await us, a day more beautiful than yesterday.”

In all of this, Alevi will find a way to perform live: a solo piano tour awaits him: “He kept my staff small, so as not to make me too tired. This illness has affected my ability to play the piano, so we've developed a tour with a few dates spaced very far apart.” And such is the emotion of the audience that it is already sold out and other dates have been added. In the set list, I would like to add new songs that were written during illness, but since I need some certainty, I will perform all the great hits, not because I want to perform only well-known songs but Because I already have these pieces in my hands, so if my back hurts or my fingers twitch, at least they know what to do.”

Giovanni Allevi: “Tomorrow” – Preview

Fifty-four years old, with a diploma in piano from the Francesco Morlacci Conservatory in Perugia, one in composition from Giuseppe Verdi in Milan, a degree in philosophy from the University of Macerata, and twelve studio albums to his credit, Alevi had announced his illness and then updated him Fans are Talking About treatment and progress, and they send messages of strength and hope. Hoping to get out of the disease one day? “Unfortunately, myeloma is a chronic tumor, so you will never win this battle. I'm not here to celebrate anything, do you understand? So what does it mean for me to be here? First of all, the immense joy of living in the present. If only they had told me at the drip that I would arrive.” Here one day in your presence, I would not believe it, and instead I will also go up on stage to play and I am very happy. I am happy about that… And then I want to humbly give strength and hope to other patients, because they give it to me without asking for anything. Something. I want to reciprocate with the same strength and energy.”

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