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From researchers at the Vatican Observatory, a new study on the Big Bang – the facts

Two researchers from the Vatican Observatory – the Vatican Astronomical Observatory – have proposed a radically new mathematical understanding of the first moment of the Big Bang. They point to a new technique for understanding how gravity behaves in the early moments of the universe. “This new perspective may revolutionize our understanding of the early universe,” Specula explains. The results were published in the journal Physical Review D. The researchers are Jesuit Fr. Gabriel Giunty and Dr. Matteo Galvernin of the Diocese of Reggio Emilia Guastala.

Vatican astronomers recall that at the beginning of time, the universe was thought to have expanded exponentially from a very high-density state: “cosmic inflation.” This phenomenon can be explained by assuming that the laws of gravity are much more complex at that early stage than was described by Einstein’s general relativity in 1915. Various alternative theories of gravity have been proposed where this force varies in space and time. “One of the most studied studies – recalls Specula – is the Prince-Dick theory, an approximation of the much-desired quantum theory of gravity. Quantum gravity will combine Einstein’s general relativity, which describes the behavior of matter on a large scale (such as galaxy clusters), with quantum mechanics, which describes physics at microscopic scales (such as atomic and subatomic).

However, Prince-Dick’s theorem is so difficult to describe mathematically that scientists often turn its complex equations into a reference in which it is much easier to solve. In this particular case, the equations are converted from the more complex Jordan reference, to the simpler Einstein reference.

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Now, in an article published on April 15 in the prestigious Physical Review D, Father Gabriel Giunte, a Jesuit, and Don Matteo Gallaverni (Diocese of Reggio Emilia Gastala) of the Vatican Observatory have shown that “contrary to what scholars believe, Jordan’s reference and Einstein’s reference are not always equivalent.” mathematically”. The Vatican researchers also found that although the solutions in the Jordan reference are not always related to Einstein, they nonetheless transform mathematically from the Jordan reference to another “that has not been considered before. Finally there is a limit where the gravitational force goes to infinity.” .while the speed of light approaches zero.” So this study could lead to a “revolution,” as Specola herself defined it, in our understanding of the early universe.

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