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Ancora piogge e qualche nevicata nelle prossime ore

Disturbance ahead in movement, heavy rain and snow in next few hours; Let’s see where »

Weather for live reporting: disturbance in movement, more rain and snow in next few hours; Let’s see where

More rain and some snow in the next few hoursThe disturbed front that reached our country on Thursday is moving eastward and will bring more rain and snow in the next few hours..

Although the bad weather was a little less widespread and intense than in the past few hours, the weekend ahead promises to be a very turbulent weather front as well.
The worst weather was reported early in the morning SardiniaSome extensions to the higher Tuscanyof Romagna Further south and in the northern part Brands.
Irregular rains are still recorded in these regions and in Lazio, sometimes in the form of showers, while the atmospheric picture in other parts of the country is calm, despite many clouds across the north, in the center and over the Lower Tyrrhenian Sea.

Let us now try to understand how the general situation will develop in the next few hours and above all What would be the areas that still need the umbrella?.
In the morning, heavy rain will also affect the western part of Sardinia, the entire Tyrrhenian region of the center (Tuscany and Lazio) and part of the northeast, especially Eastern Emilia, Romagna, Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia.
Pay more attention Snow, waiting for Eastern Alpine reliefs around 1100/1200 meters Stock.
It is still advisable to have an umbrella in the same areas, even though it rains gradually less intensively and continuously until the afternoon and evening, and only from late evening the first signs of improvement will be noticed. Northeast.
To better understand which areas are most affected by rain, below is a map showing them distribution They are You accumulate from Precipitation Expected on that day Friday 16 December: in colored areas dark blue Looking forward to the approaching total rain 40 mm; Inside light blue Areas where the surrounding values ​​are reached 10/15 mm, Expected accumulations in sectors in blue are decidedly lower.Rainfall forecast for Friday, December 16Rainfall forecast for Friday, December 16
There will also be some parts of the country that do not receive rain, we mention NorthwestBesides Adriatic region of the center and to various regions South, The weather can really provide some generous breaks.

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