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Weather report. Traffic congestion with rain, thunderstorms and snow. Circumstances and Forecasts for Sunday 3B Meteo

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Weather report Italy
Weather report Italy

19.30 – Over the past few hours, France has been experiencing low pressure, moving towards the central regions, with heavy rains and thunderstorms affecting Lazio and Abruzzo. The most serious events were in the interior of Tuscany, Romagna, Marches and the middle-upper Lazio. Heavy rainfall during the day, especially in the northeast, including Veneto and Friuli, Venice and Giulia, where several hailstorms fell. On the other hand, the weather conditions were stable and sunny, with warm air bringing moderate temperatures with peaks of 25-27 C in the eastern parts of Buglia, Ionian Calabria and Sicily.Roweski has intensified in central Italy. Uncertainty characterizes Tuscany’s weather from the start of the day, but as the hours go by these events extend to most central areas, with Lazio also involved in the afternoon, although only Viterbese and Reatino. .

Temples on the High Adriatic. The front section, which passed through the north, reached the northern Adriatic coast in the afternoon, distributing thunderstorms and rain between the Friulian and Venice coasts. However, the most severe events affect the interior and accumulate in the Friulian field, where rainfall accumulation reaches up to 40 mm.

It will rain in the north of IT. Rain and scattered rains affect the northeastern parts till morning and afternoon. Meanwhile, rain and thunderstorms continue with bluviometric accumulations of up to 60mm between Levante Ligure and Upper Tuscany.

Heavy rain in Emilia. The most active part of the front, passing through the north, engulfs the western Emilia with heavy rain between the Parmens, the Regiano, and the Modanis, until it makes its way from Lombardy to Mandua. And in the meantime Snowfall up to 1100 m between Formens and Regiano in the Midwest Emilian AbyssAbetone on the Tuscan side, with scales falling to a height.

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Twists and storms in Liguria. The eastern sector is struggling with very chaotic weather Rain and thunderstorms between Genovese and Spezzino They are serious. Domestically east of Genoa the highest rainfall is 35 mm. On the other hand, with the exception of the last rain that lasts along the coast at dawn today, events in the Pointe field are gradually declining.

Rain and weather in the heart of Valpadana. Even the arid tail padana finally gets a little watery, especially on Sunday morning when these events are of interest. Western Emilia, Lower Lombardy, part of Veneto and Friuli Viji. There are accumulations of about 40 mm in the Emilian Abyssinia in Val di Toro, about 30 mm in Veneto in the Belluno region and in Friuli in the cornea.

Snow in the Alps. Yesterday, the snow returned to the Alps in the western hemisphere, dropping to 1300 meters in the evening. At 2500 m altitude, good accumulations of fresh snow 60 cm on the side of Verbino and Monte Rosa’s Valle d’Asta in Val Formasa. Half a meter in the Gran Paradiso area. Now events in the Western Alps have eased, but in the evening the snow reached the Lombard field, falling to an altitude of 13200/14300 m in Trentino this morning.

Cogne (AO) in the following video:

The situation in Cervinia (AO) on Saturday in the following video:

Snow on the Tuscan-Emilian Abyss. In the western part of the Emilian Abyss, and in one of the Tuscan, the ice has dropped to an altitude of 1400 m, but sometimes accumulates a few centimeters and is still low.

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CEDNTRO Some reversal in Italy. The most advanced part of the hurricane passes through the central areas, distributing some rain between Abruzzo and Lazio at the beginning of the day, but these are weak and scattered events.

Situation. The hurricane, which reached northwest and Tuscany on Saturday, advanced eastward into Lombardy and Trivandrum, but with its southern branch a portion of the central regions. It is driven by a large area of ​​low pressure at the center of the continent and fed by cold air coming from higher European latitudes. Heavy rain and thundershowers in the arid north. These are certainly effective rainfall, but not enough to fill the massive water shortage that has accumulated in recent months. On the other hand, under counter-cyclical protection with stable and sunny weather, nothing has been done in the southern regions.

Next hour weather. It will be an unpredictable day in the north with scattered snowfall of 1300/1600 m and some in the mid-eastern Alps. Morning showers or thundershowers in Levante Ligure, Lombardy and Triveneto. Partly bright along the northwestern and upper Adriatic coasts. During the day, instability intensified in Lovande Ligure, Lombardy, West Emilia and Trivandrum. Rain and thundershowers, even stronger, especially north of Po, In local occupation up to the beaches of Venice and Romagna. In the evening, the fading of events with more openings, the big characters in the Northwest will be there throughout the day. In the central areas it stands alone Morning variation between Lazio and Abruzzo Some rain or sleet over the Appen from an altitude of 1900 meters, followed by bright letters, even larger during the day. Growing instability in Tuscany, with heavy rains and thunderstorms inland from the afternoon, But gradually decreases in the evening. There will be some rain during the day until Umbria and March. The snow cover in the Tuscan Mountains is about 1400 m. Time Weil in the south and Sardinia, Harmless glaze during the day in peninsular areas. Tense winds between southwest and southeast, temperatures rise in the south, where the climate is temperate. Enter the section for all details Weather Italy. For the forecast for Monday Click here.

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Sunday weather
Sunday weather

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