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"FIFA gives Messi the World Cup so we can do it sooner"

“FIFA gives Messi the World Cup so we can do it sooner”

Doha, Qatar) – Unexpected elimination against revelation from Globalism From Qatar: The Portugal Falls 1-0 with Morocco And bid farewell to her dreams in the quarter-finals. A crushing defeat for the Lusitanian national team, at the final whistle pepper to accept FIFA Organizing the tournament: “It is unacceptable for an Argentine referee to officiate this match. For the whole 90 minutes plus injury time, they always stopped the game for fouls. The referee never gave yellow cards. That’s what the game is about: fouls were lucky to score a goal. We worked well and we did.” Too much to win the match.” The former Real Madrid defender increases his dose with shocking words directed not only at FIFA, but also raises questions. Argentina and its symbol, Lionel Messi: “It is unacceptable to have an Argentine referee for us after what happened yesterday, with Messi’s complaints. After what I saw today, they can now give Argentina the title, so let’s do it as soon as possible.”

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Ronaldo, goodbye World Cup: leaves the field crying

Pepe’s shock: “Give Argentina the World Cup”

These are the words conveyed by “O Jojo”, at the end of the match his team lost Portugal against the Morocco with pepper Which concludes: “In the second half, we never played, maybe only 8 minutes. In the second half we were the only ones who wanted to play. We are sad, we have the qualities to win, unfortunately we didn’t succeed.”

Portugal’s Bruno Fernandes: “They didn’t give me a clear penalty”

Along with those pepper, As the lyrics come Bruno Fernandez After deleting a file Portugal: “We were really devastated but in football it’s like that, after we went down we had many chances to score but we couldn’t bring the game back into balance, we’re sorry we felt we could do it and instead it just wasn’t.” Then the midfielder united Back to set Facundo Tello To match, line up with words pepper: “I don’t know if they will give the trophy to Argentina. It is very strange that the referee of a country still in the tournament has been sent and there is no Portuguese. Because if they could arbitrate in Champions I don’t see why they can’t do it here either. They didn’t give me a clear penalty kick in the first half.”

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