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Aurora Ramazzotti, there is great concern: it disappeared into thin air |  Reveal the reason - Democrat

Aurora Ramazzotti, there is great concern: it disappeared into thin air | Reveal the reason – Democrat

Aurora Ramazzotti disappeared. What is happening? In these hours, revelations arrived, leaving his fans speechless

weight of existence art kidsTherefore, the laws imposed by public opinion must be respected. It’s not easy being able to take on this particular responsibility, especially when both of your parents are beloved characters in the entertainment world, or even in music, film and art in general. That’s why surely Aurora Ramazzotti Everything will have a significant limiting weight, especially in the years of training. Not just the character, but the factor too. As she has told herself in recent years, her success in show business hasn’t been entirely straightforward.

Aurora Ramazzotti (web source)

“He never recommended me, in fact I also lost some jobs precisely because there were those who wanted to avoid controversy”, were Aurora’s words made some time ago during an interview with “Corriere della Sera”. A very sad revelation, which confirmed at the time the fears of those who see the disadvantaged in Children of art because of having to bear too much weight sometimes.” They all leave prejudice, already of my name, daughter, spoiled. My problem is that I never feel capable,” Aurora continued during the interview.

Of course, there are great difficulties but also great satisfaction. Indeed, in recent years the young Ramazzotti has had to exhaust herself, but she has also managed to make her way by finding different ways to test her qualities as a musical leader. Thus we saw her busy with many interesting events, showing all her qualities beyond the fact that she is the daughter of singer Eros Ramazzotti and showgirl Michelle Hunziker. There is a lot of work to be done to get rid of prejudice, and Aurora knows that all too well.

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Aurora Ramazzotti, Disappeared in the Air: Acceptance has arrived on social media

In the meantime, Aurora thought well of dedicating a lot of time to her work on social media. Women, in fact, have conquered a very important segment of the public. Every day she keeps thousands of people who follow her company Instagram, He also often reveals contents related to his private life. Or at least, what you want to say and thus can also be conveyed to him the web.

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Stories by Aurora Ramazotti (Instagram)

However, in these hours, his fans are worried. the reason? Aurora has disappeared! Yes, her Instagram profile is little used, and Ramazzotti herself explained this aspect, posting a story in which she spoke directly to her fans. “I guess I’ve never done this much without posting,” Aurora wrote on the social platform. “But really I couldn’t even open Instagram. I’ll try again,” with the ’96 youth class opening a question box just to talk to her fans and restore some balance.