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Elden Ring, beta works better on PS5 or Xbox Series X?  Here's the video comparison -

Elden Ring, beta works better on PS5 or Xbox Series X? Here’s the video comparison –

beta elden ring It works better PS5 NS Xbox Xbox X? ElAnalistaDeBits made traditional Video comparison To determine the differences between the two versions, and also analyze the game on Xbox Series S.

Well, for now, the Elden Ring beta version (which we tested) seems to have a better optimization PlayStation 5, with a slightly more stable frame rate than Microsoft’s console but generally inconsistent performance on both sides.

But let’s get into the details: it includes all next-generation versions of the title developed by From Software Two graphics modesOne is 4K (1440p on Xbox Series S) and features high-quality shadows, and the other uses dynamic resolution (mostly 1620p, 1040p on Xbox Series S) to target a 60fps target.

The Frame rate unlocked Unfortunately, it creates a general lack of framework consistency, but we imagine that this aspect of the experience will be greatly improved between now and the game’s release, scheduled for February 25, 2022.

On the PS5, load times are faster and shadows in the distance look more pronounced, while the Xbox Series S uses lower quality assets and never goes above 45 frames per second, even in performance mode.

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