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Draft of dpcm.  Can also be canceled

Draft of dpcm. Can also be canceled

For that Green Boss The EU, now, even in Italy everything is ready or almost. Considering that it comes into effect from July 1, the first draft is available, although the latest tests on the sites are not yet available (already carried out by 9 EU countries) DBCM This will regulate the Italian certification. Among the many details that have been leaked in recent weeks are: the presence of a QR code (a kind of barcode), the ability to work with systems in other European countries, return to travel without isolation, databases “daily” updated tampons or new vaccines, various ways to obtain it, and the possibility of using it through immunity Call center to diagnose difficulty with the tool. In addition, there will inevitably be sanctions and restrictions. Precisely this last phase has some changes compared to what has been proposed in recent weeks. For example, for Friuli Venezuela Giulia’s governor and head of state regions, Massimiliano Petrica, only the authorities should have checked the pass. How? Like a sample, insurance, driver’s license and periodic inspection for motorists. Well, things have to be different.

Green Pass with Vaccine at the Pharmacy? Everything you need to know is here

To establish this, in a definite game-power way, precisely the draft of the DBCM – after the expected approval in the coming days when Prime Minister Mario Draghi returns from Cornwall – all the details will be outlined. Not only site technologies that allow citizens to obtain a pass, but also related to the use of the latter in daily life.

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White area and nightlife, which is why it is not free

To verify certification (which is known to be digital and paper and certify recovery from Govt-19 in the previous 6 months, negative result of a cloth carried in the previous 48 hours or vaccination for 9 months following this) in fact public officials will not be the only ones performing their functions. The text further states that “persons who are required to restrict recreational services and to show ownership of accommodation facilities and public institutions open to the public or public institutions and to hold a green certificate as their representatives, the owner or authorized owner of the venues or premises where events and activities are required to hold the Green Pass And their health, community-health and social assistance services, as observers, are required to have a Green Certificate (as well as their representatives). Specifies other functions in more detail and suggests that the use of the pass may be extended soon.Hotels, Disco S or even cinemas and restaurants, to maximize their potential, need to check the pass on access. How? Another application offered to merchants and operators may or may not provide the ability to read and access the Qr code. Not only that. The same verifiers, based on the draft, should also be asked to view their customers’ identification document.

Who needs to hear it
The forthcoming DBCM’s provisional text also clarifies that if the DGC (Digital Green Certification) site and QR code developed by Soki on behalf of the Ministries of Health, Digital Transformation and Economy are properly verified, they can be managed. Be direct citizens of it. In fact, the Green Pass can be consulted and printed by the person concerned from the exclusive site, electronic health file or immunization application, even through the App IO (work is underway to accommodate complaints filed by the Privacy Guarantee in recent days) and System Ts. It is the management of general practitioners, pediatricians of free choice, pharmacists and other physicians of health institutions. This, too, is the latest news here, and Green Pass can be canceled by reporting any new positives along with other health officials.