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Do you turn off your computer by pressing the power button and that’s it?  It’s dangerous: that’s what you’re risking

Do you turn off your computer by pressing the power button and that’s it? It’s dangerous: that’s what you’re risking

Although many people turn off their computers by simply pressing the power button, it is important to know that they are performing a very dangerous action.

Since computers became widespread, we have always learned that Shut down the computer properly This should have been done by following the correct procedure and not by pressing the physical power button. This happened many years ago although today it is safer to choose this procedure especially if it is a computer with Windows 10 or Windows 11 installed.

Make sure to turn off your computer well –

Those who exploited Windows 95, surely I still remember that on old computers, to turn off, you first had to click Close the session Wait until the message “You can now turn off the computer” appears on the screen. At that time, power buttons didn’t look smart, so the moment you pressed them, they disappeared Completely eliminate the power supply Before the work is saved, just as when the light suddenly goes out.

What do you risk by turning off your computer by pressing the power button

So, several years ago, when you experienced a sudden power outage, your computer didn’t shut down cleanly, so the risk you took that you went to Lose unsaved work In some cases, the risk was also that file systems could be corrupted to such an extent that at reboot time, ScanDisk would automatically execute to try to repair all the damage caused by the sudden shutdown

What do you risk if you press the power button on your computer to turn it off?
Shutdown button –

Clicking the Shutdown button that appeared in Windows 95 takes you to Close any open programs Make sure to save all data to disk. When the computer shutdown message appears, the computer has already completely stopped working.

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However, newer computers have A smarter approach is ACPI. The moment you press the power button, you send a signal to the operating system telling it to do so Close everything and save it.

Through the power button, you also have the possibility to forcibly cut off the power supply when the computer is blocked and you cannot turn it off normally. It will therefore be necessary to move forward on this path Press the power button for a few seconds. But just like in older computers, all this can cause data loss as well File system corruption And many other problems, to the point that when Windows is restarted, it will be prompted to enter safe mode in order to find a solution to any problems.

This procedure allows all computers to shut down when the battery cannot be removed. However, with desktop computers, you can Use the reset or restart button-Emergency button to use when your computer crashes. However, on older computers, this solution did not always work as the power button was only used to turn off the power completely.

It is possible to follow the different configuration of the computer’s power button and then choose to turn it off or put the computer into sleep or hibernation mode. Then there are also other operating systems that make it possible to customize everything that happens when you click your computer’s power button.