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Discovery of CIA spy recruited in China, Italy – last hour

Discovery of CIA spy recruited in China, Italy – last hour

The US CIA, the Central Intelligence Agency, said in a post today that a Chinese spy employed in Italy: the Ministry of State Security in Beijing, surnamed Zheng, has been subjected to “administrative measures”. He “conducted espionage activities”.

Born in July 1971, Zheng was sent by his company – a large Mandarin military industrial group – to study in Italy. At that time, an official at the US Embassy in Rome, named Seth after his title as a CIA agent, took the initiative to approach him and introduce him. Since then, Seth has developed a close relationship with Zeng through activities such as dinners, outings and other activities in exchange for “lots of important information about China”. Zeng slipped into psychological subjugation, allowing the CIA agent to “instill Western values” and was told to “promise large sums of money and help Zeng’s family immigrate to America.”

According to other details provided by the state-owned CCTV network, it was discovered that the man had signed an espionage agreement and received specific training before returning to China. “Compulsory action” has been taken against him, without divulging the CCTV details. The ministry has transferred the case to the prosecution for review and investigation, the post said.

China has stepped up its surveillance of what it sees as espionage activities. In early August, the state defense ministry said it should encourage citizens to join counterintelligence, including creating channels to report suspicious activity and temporary rewards. On the other hand, in July, the introduction of the Anti-Espionage Act prohibits the exchange of information about security and national interests, and is defined in a more general way. The law has created alarm in the foreign community: for example, the EU ambassador in Beijing, Jorge Toledo, said last May that the opening of the Chinese economy was incompatible with the counter-espionage law.

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