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"Deprived freedoms" of pollinators: what cannot be done yet

“Deprived freedoms” of pollinators: what cannot be done yet

The country you go to, and the freedom you find: Just like during the various lockdowns, every country takes measures even with a large number of people vaccinated. Although the numbers in Italy are increasing day by day, it is still difficult here to enforce less restrictive rules even for those who have already received one or two doses of the vaccine.

Restrictions despite the vaccine

The Italian vaccination campaign is advancing rapidly, at present, nearly a fifth of the population has completed the vaccination course: this number is clearly set to increase in the coming weeks, and with it a whole series of openings that at the moment, however, are not seen except for the white areas The three, and thus Friuli, Mullis, and Sardinia. Therefore, even vaccinated must To wear The masks, even if they are already protected with an anti-Covid serum, you should take them out onto the street and still not be able to reach the in-house restaurants because the green corridor is still missing but there are no rules designated for those who are starting to immunity. Not only that, but the vaccinators must also follow the curfew rules that apply to the entire population by virtue of the fact that vaccines do not exclude the risk of infection and transmission of the virus. In short, at the moment, the rules do not change even for this category of people, which now number in several millions, and the utmost caution is applied.

Use goodbye to masks

However, in other places, things look a bit different and there are greater freedoms given to people who have been vaccinated: this is the case in the United States, where the freedoms granted refer, however, to those who have completed a course of vaccination (two doses or one dose of J&J). . However, it is indeed a good step forward. The US Center for Disease Control states that because complete vaccination reduces the risk of infection and reduces virus transmission, vaccinated people can avoid testing and quarantine in case they are exposed to danger (as in Norway), and travel and can abandon Masks And spacing. The green light is about practically any activity you want to do: from a walk in the park, to meeting with friends, to choral lessons, to sitting at the hairdresser.

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Germany, no curfew

Many would think that the United States is an exception because it is the most vaccinated country compared to the population. Germany, on the other hand, which has similar numbers to Italy, has pretty much the same freedoms as Americans: Those who have been vaccinated (or cured) no longer have to monitor. Clothe, It will not count towards the maximum number of people who can be interviewed individually and can avoid taking test requests when necessary. Moreover, there is no quarantine to return to Germany (unless you arrive from areas considered at risk) and the possibility to play sports with everyone (no longer alone or with family members). However, the preventive measures remain the same for everyone, hence hand hygiene, mask and spacing.

UK, Canada and South Korea

However, the different situation in the UK where the Indian variant is frightening despite vaccination has now reached an excellent point. As we read Galiliont, There are still no exclusive rules specifically for people who have been vaccinated but who travel step-by-step in some way gradual Somewhat similar to what is happening in Italy. Therefore, vaccinated people still have to comply with all beneficial measures to prevent transmission of the virus due to the uncertainty of vaccines in preventing transmission of the virus. Canada is also proceeding step-by-step by anticipating a “step-by-step” procedure relaxation based on the seasons but above all on vaccination coverage (one or two doses). For now and this coming summer, the authorities always recommend the importance of observing spacing and wearing a mask. However, in South Korea, those who have received at least one dose will be able to take it abroad.

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What does ECDC say

On the rights of people vaccines, a European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (Ecdc), while acknowledging what has already been said about the effectiveness of vaccines against the disease and its transmission and the judgments that some countries have already taken with regard to quarantine to arrive from other countries or to open some nursing homes. That being said, spacing between people and masks are actions that can totally be Wide, As well as between unvaccinated persons from the same “bubble” family and people who have been vaccinated (unless there are people at risk), but also in the workplace, the examination can be slowed down in the event of low viral circulation and in the absence of variants capable of escaping from Immune response. Having the variants, in addition to the symptoms of Covid-19, always requires following all recommendations to minimize the risks of starting with a mask and spacing.