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Renzi and “il Centro”: “gnawed off a piece of Forza Italia and the reformist front of the Democratic Party”

Renzi and “il Centro”: “gnawed off a piece of Forza Italia and the reformist front of the Democratic Party”

the group “Center“. an idea Renzi after farewell calendar. So the address Corriere della Sera In an article about the near future of Italy is alive After the third electrode is presented with the procedure. Renzi launches Centro Run with the aim of showing “his distance from the “poorly governed” right and from the “broad field” leftThe idea, according to Via Solferino, is to collect a file reformist forces And bring them together in the center, the possible name of the new parliamentary blocs if Calinda confirms the intention she has expressed in recent days, to leave.

A name that will try to welcome, in view of the European elections scheduled for early June 2024, moderate centrist supporters (far from sovereignty) that reformists From the Democratic Party who do not recognize themselves in the new leadership to Eli Shlain. Renzi, according to L courierNot to fuel “any controversy with Kalinda,” he repeats in partisan chatter. Let Carlo argue alone. We do not offer suite. It is important for us to compete with Tajani on the one hand and the Democratic Party on the other. That the center be as decisive in Europe as in Italy.

The official announcement of the break-up of the parliamentary blocs is likely to come after the meeting of the Fifa Italia parliamentarians scheduled for early September after the party training school, scheduled for September 5-7 in Palermo ( Conference Instead it will be held on October 15). Right now, 10 MPs and six Renzian Senators will belong to the “Il Centro” group, with the 11 MPs and 4 Senators from Action who will end up in the mixed group. “The new regulation of the Senate, approved in the last legislature to adapt the ‘machine’ after reducing the number of members of Parliament, allows the formation of a group of 6 members of the Senate, pursuant to Art. Transmitter raised by former allies now.

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in view of European and Italia Viva rolls, which are part of the collection renew europe, Led by French President Macron, Renzi’s goal is clear: “Spend a piece of Forza Italia and the reformist front of the Democratic Party.” But the main goal is to welcome supporters of the Blue Party: “With Berlusconi it was Forza Italia, with Tajani it was “Forza Italia”, hesitant about everythingThe former prime minister – according to Corriere – is in fact convinced that by the end of the year the “emotional impact of post-Silvio” will end and that the party founded by Cavaliere will drop significantly in the opinion polls.