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Perez: "La Superlega non è fallita. Torneo esclusivo? Manchester-PSG tira più di Roma-Samp"

Perez: “The Premier League has not failed. An exclusive tournament? Manchester – PSG draws more than Roma-Samp”

Florentino Perez, president of Real Madrid, spoke to transistor Superlega chaos and avoided Champions League exclusion: “UEFA cannot do anything against people or clubs (participating in the project) and it has stopped.”

Your severin: “I haven’t spoken to him anymore. But it’s not possible that we can all lose money and Ceferin earns it. There are people who have privileges and want to keep them while football dies.”

About the exclusive concept: “We said there should be someone with the most fans. Who buys the TV rights? How many fans does Liverpool or Juventus have? But I can still say that it is not a closed system and that the leagues will continue to exist as usual. We are not ruling out anyone but from Obviously not everyone can enter: Roma – Sampdoria have less interest than Manchester – PSG.public From all matches of all leagues. Who is responsible here are the fans. We see that Manchester has more fans than Roma. Let’s take those with the most fans in the world because they’re the ones TV will demand.

More on the Superlega project: “Nothing has failed. We have been working for two years, twelve teams, in a way that alleviates the state of football losing interest, that is, dying. Audience numbers are dropping because most matches do not attract attention. If not. There are public audiovisual rights that are deteriorating.”

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