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Collection begins in June

Collection begins in June

Tax records Suspended until the end of May. Then it starts again. But those who have suffered major economic losses during epidemics, with a ten-year maturity, have the opportunity to pay in installments. The Sostechni-Biz order to distribute nearly $ 40 billion in aid to families and businesses has been postponed to next week and tax collection is one of the most exciting topics. In recent days, the government expects a new halt to the sending of disabled bills and payment processes from March 8, 2020, within the pregnancy regulation. However, from June 1 the issue will return and the revenue agency will be asked to send 35 million notices to Italians.

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What will Palazzo Ciki do? Within the majority parties, the discussion is open: there are those who, like the League, aim for further suspension, and there are those who, like the left wing of parliament, want to gradually regroup. Considering that the block should have 250 million euros per month. During these hours, a compromise solution is devised, which will be on a “modified” restart. The government is preparing to create a mechanism to facilitate the repayment of tax loans to the beneficiaries of non-repayable refinancing. In other words, those subjects, with revenues of less than $ 10 million, suffered a turnover loss of more than 30% last year.

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In practice, anyone who collects compensation and receives it through a tax bill can enjoy installments for 6 to 10 years (up to a maximum of 120 installments). A means of recreating the normal plan already in place for those in financial difficulty. But it will be further simplified from a practical point of view. Lega and Forza Italia are pushing for an even more motivated version. “We need to extend sanctions and think about reducing tax bills,” a league minister sums up the source, adding that in addition to deferred payments, forms of debt reduction and cancellation of penalties can be inferred. One approach, this time, meets the fierce opposition of P.T. and Liu.

Apparently, the resumption of scheduled collections in June will attract those who are unable to avail the facility and make advance payments on salaries and pensions, administrative assessments, suspensions and INPS debit notices. . Before scraping and all in balance and area are confirmed: In order not to lose the benefits of the convenient definition, renewers with 2019 payments must pay the scheduled installments, not yet paid in 2020 by 31 July 2021.
On the other hand, the payment of installments scheduled for 2021 must take place by 30 November 2021. If the payment is made after the deadline (the law allows for a further 5 days tolerance) or for partial amounts, the benefits action will be forfeited. If those earning less than 30 thousand euros introduced by the Sostechni Order are granted a general amnesty of up to 5 thousand euros in the 2000-2010 tax bills, there should be no change.

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