Wednesday, July 24, 2024

GB rating: Torey snatches workers seat, 1 / rewards Johnson-World Challenge


The first blow by Boris Johnson in the local elections that took place yesterday in the United Kingdom, the largest ever in the disqualified general election. His conservative party is already torn apart 57 years later Hartlepool College (in the former “red wall” of northern England) for the Labor Party, which has just learned about the strike, and was elected to Parliament Jill Mortimer In the House of Commons in the only national supplementary vote. As for the administrative offices, so far twelve of the 143 local councils have been allocated seats in English, while the outcome of the decisive vote is expected in Scotland and Wales and the Mayor of London by tomorrow.

Mortimer is expected to announce at any point, but Labor Shadow Transport Secretary Jim McMahon has already admitted A clear and humiliating defeat In an area considered armored business for half a century. Meanwhile, local governors erected a large inflatable doll depicting Boris Johnson, as a sign of victory, in front of the Hartlepool election offices.

a A truly historic victory Jill Mortimer, the newly elected governor of Hartlepool, called it. “I am extremely proud to be the first Conservative MP to be elected to Hartlepool in 57 years,” she said after the first exciting result of this major election in the United Kingdom. “Not only – he added – I am the first elected woman parliamentarian in this city. It is truly a historic achievement.” Then he concluded:Labor has taken the people of Hartlepool for granted for a very long time. I heard it over and over and people were just stuffing with it. With this result, people have now spoken and clearly stated that the time for change has come. ”

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The first management results for some were also negative for business English local councilsAt present, more than a hundred seats are reserved for members of the House of the largest British opposition party and a little less for the Prime Minister’s party: but with the first down and the second up, as confirmed by the Conservative party’s invasion of the councils of Redditch and Nuneaton & Bedworth in the Midlands and Harlow, in Essex, It was also stolen from the Labor Party confirming heavy losses throughout the post-industrial Northeast. “The electorate never came to believe us again. “Another Labor source commented, attempting at least to partially disclaim responsibility for this initial negative scenario regarding the legacy of former radical leader Jeremy Corbyn (who left the scene after the defeat for end-of-2019 policies) and to acquit instead the incumbent, the more moderate Kerr Starmer but Gray.

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