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Election peace?  not at all.  Pro Qualtery Signs in CGIL Square

Election peace? not at all. Pro Qualtery Signs in CGIL Square

Held an anti-fascist demonstration CGIL Before the ballot, it was an opportunity to campaign in favor of center-left candidate Roberto Gwalior instead, on a day characterized by overall electoral calm.

The law is the same for everyone, at least when needed. It depends on who is violating it. Among the participants in the protest organized by CGIL, as widely documented by photographs filmed on the internet, someone was fitted with an advertising logo to support the election as the first citizen of the former Democratic minister. Not an isolated case with others testifying to “Il Tempo”, but more than one example Election campaign On a day when no one should talk or mention ballot votes.

The deafening silence that falls on this story is what makes the most noise. At the union march, some of the participants must have been outraged by the fact that photographers and cameras used visibility with the intention of expressing their electoral preference for the DEM candidate. Prevent symptoms from appearing. Who knows what might have happened instead of the name Roberto Qualteri, Quiet in the square and smiling in support of the cameras, any hint of Enrico Michetti being revealed by the participants.

The problem arises in the upstream, it would have been very possible not to allow the opportunity to demonstrate the previous day. Election Ideas. However, with tears in his eyes at the so-called attack on the CGIL headquarters, it was a pity for him to point this out to the enraged Landini. It is better to resurrect fascist demons on every occasion, and even better, if he blinks his left-left eye, if he allows himself some unexpected visibility, and so-called “electoral peace” beyond the law, for his candidate.

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