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“China? Consider the Kraken variant from America”

“China? Consider the Kraken variant from America”

“They don’t cause major problems, especially for people who have been vaccinated with three or more doses. However, personally, if I had to decide what to watch more for in terms of preventive measures, I would turn my attention to what’s happening in the U.S. because the strain of the virus that’s doing the most damage in China right now is actually with us.” Already Passed: Fighting and Losing Against Our Vaccines ».
The number of positive swaps in the region is decreasing daily when it comes to coronavirus. This is not the task of the subcommittee Professor Vittorio Sambri, within a single laboratory, the Ausle Romagna of Pivestina, is reduced or less focused.

Vittorio Sambri, Director of the Microbiology Department of the Single Laboratory of Asl Romagna in Pivestina di Cesena

American virus

“In Italy, the virus present in America, namely XBB 1.5, is not present. At least it has not been found yet. Certainly not in Emilia Romagna. We have recent sequencing data on 120 random samples and there is no trace of this variation, which we simplify by calling it Kraken”.
However, something similar has passed: “A few months ago we discovered her predecessor. It is called XBB. It spread in a limited way in Romagna. The differences between XBB and the Kraken? They are some: three point mutations in the F protein gene. The Americans say that this Kraken is highly contagious. They say. This is 30% of the total samples examined in the United States. However, in the United States, they do not do a lot of sequencing, so these are not large numbers. If they have 30%, sooner or later it is likely to come here as well. It will bring more severe disease than what has already been seen. It doesn’t mean. As observed so far, if someone is vaccinated upwards of three doses, he gives some problems. Like other forms of coronavirus, it affects people who are not adequately vaccinated, especially if they are weak or at risk.
And for each mutation of the virus, changes and improvements are gradually added to the doses of vaccine distributed.
“With the updates to the messenger RNA vaccines, the vaccines now are very different from the ones that health professionals first started giving in December 2020. We are now updated to Omicron 4 and 5”.

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Between Romagna and China

How is the situation in Romagna now? “Now two new variants called BQ 1 and BQ 1.2 are coming out very strong. They are becoming widespread in both Romagna and Emilia. Along with the BF7 that is now crushing China. The BQ 1 and BQ 1.2 are taking the place of the BF7 that was already in circulation here two months ago. In summary: We can’t tell if the BF7 we’re still finding in our swaps is from China or a remnant of what we already had here.It’s not something we need to worry about. We have a three dose vaccination rate which is over 92% of the population. There are those who have taken their fourth dose and those who are frail and elderly who have already taken their fifth dose. So BF7 has no specific damage power. In China yes, they have had a vaccination campaign since 2020 (with their own vaccine, ours is different) which is just 40% of the total population. Not the old and the infirm, but the workers. Their vaccine, Sinovac, is half as effective as the one in use in Italy. In short, the infection in China has mainly been kept under control with prolonged and very strict lockdowns. Now they have decided to restart the economy. But with few vaccines and less guaranteed vaccinations, they’re committing to an infection that doesn’t affect us as much as they do. The current BQ 1 and BQ 1.2 in Romagna are subtypes of Omicron that are epidemiologically similar to Omicron. In short, we are very relaxed. For what’s happening in China and what’s happening with the Kraken in America. But given what’s happening in China right now (where visitors are subjected to swap testing) and the results of the analysis at hand, I’d honestly only look at the US. A region now of a new variation, compared with the existing Chinese region, which has already passed us by for some time ».

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