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Catania Weather, Civil Defense Sicily: Red alert today. Fear of “medicine”

Catania Weather, Civil Defense Sicily: Red alert today. Fear of “medicine”.

Red alert today in eastern Sicily, orange and Calabria in other parts of the island: The Department of Civil Defense has extended the weather warning issued yesterday, with strong winds currently looming east of Malta and rising to the Ionian beaches of Sicily and Calabria in the next few hours, with heavy rains and thunderstorms inland. Widespread rain or thundershowers are expected from early Friday morning, with moderate to heavy to moderate to heavy showers expected along the Ionian coast, according to forecasts released by the Regional Civil Defense Department.

சாரல் மழை, An inverted or temporal character, with moderate overall sizes in the remaining areas.

heavy wind Strong with temporary additional reinforcements from the northern quadrants in eastern and southern Sicily; The rest of the fields range from strong to stormy with widespread northern elements.

Large: Mid-South Ionian rough to very rough, with potentially strong storms off the coast of eastern Sicily; Up to the rebellious Strait of Sicily, which was very rough, and stirred up the rest of the Ionian.

Temperature Generally low, noticeable.

Ordered by the Municipality of Catania “The seas have been closed as a precaution since midnight yesterday due to the risk of severe storms with very high waves as the hurricane passes over the coast of eastern Sicily.” The precautionary measure to be signed by the mayor was acknowledged during a summit in the province this morning. The mayor “again advises citizens to leave home only for real needs, even more so at night, when experts believe it is possible for the hurricane to pass over the eastern Sicilian coasts, even in the Gulf of Catania”.

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All were closed in Catania. Even today schools and non-essential business activities are not over due to weather emergencies. In fact, an immediate and further decline is expected. The call to stay home is stressful. Hurricane Medican was reported yesterday afternoon in southeastern Sicily, preparing to strike the island for a second time after a wave of bad weather, which claimed three lives and brought Catania and its province to its knees. According to meteorologists, the hurricane may move north, Between this evening and Friday morning on the east coast of eastern Sicily and Ionian Calabria In the ocean, it has the power to create waves above four and a half meters high. The Rescue Coordination Center is active, it has never been stopped and the plan to mobilize as many men and vehicles as possible has been triggered. Reinforcement and firefighters also came from other areas. The municipal administration of Edna has ordered the opening of Palaspedini to welcome the homeless and homeless and to protect them from the harsh weather that threatens their safety.

Public offices were closed

Chief Minister Maria Carmela Librisi has decided to close all public offices in the capital and province of Edna, including the judiciary, “once again calling on people not to leave their homes on bad weather.” The arrangement arises at yesterday’s meeting in the province in the presence of Curcio, head of the Department of National Civil Defense, who “reiterated the need to prevent and plan all measures aimed at safeguarding public safety.” Schools, municipal and judicial buildings, sports facilities and green areas will also be closed in Caldacron. The mayor, Fabio Roguso, recommends and assures citizens with “maximum caution”: “I and the church will act in times of emergency”. After the Orange Warning for Civil Defense announcement, even the mayors of the city of Syracuse ordered the schools to close. Regarding the condition of the capital, Mayor Francesco Italia ordered a ban on local markets, public and private outdoor sports facilities, public parks, cemeteries and collectives, including the Neapolitan Archaeological Park, Castello Manius and Castello Uriello. Outdoor activities. Syracuse Court President Dorotea Quartararo has decided to extend the suspension of the trial until today.

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