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Il Papa al Cimitero Laurentino di Roma il 2 novembre 2018

The indulgences were extended until the end of November

The Pope at Laurentino Cemetery in Rome on November 2, 2018 – Sicilians

“The apostolic prison, having heard the various pleas recently received from the various pastors of the Church, due to the ongoing pandemic, confirms and extends throughout the month of November 2021 all the spiritual benefits already granted on October 22, 2020” by a decree “whereby it has been extended General Indulgences for the Faithful Deceased for the entire month of November 2020.” This is the content of the new decree published today and signed by the chief prisoner, Cardinal Mauro Piacenza, and the regent, Monsignor Krzysztof Nekielem.

It refers, in fact, to the ordinance of the Apostolic Prison last year, the main points of which are useful to recall. That is: «The general indulgence of those who visit the cemetery and prayer for the dead even if only mental, which is established as a rule only on odd days from 1 to 8 November, can be transferred to other days of the same month in order. End. These days, which believers freely choose, can be separated from each other. ”

Furthermore, “The general indulgence of November 2, established to commemorate all believers who have departed for those who visit a church or chapel and recite ‘Our Father’ and the ‘Act of Faith’ there, cannot be transferred. Only to a Sunday before or after or on the day of All Saints’ Day, but also on another day in the month of November, according to the free choice of the faithful.”

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Finally, “the elderly, the sick and all those who cannot leave the house for serious reasons, for example due to restrictions imposed by the competent authority during the epidemic, in order to prevent the influx of many believers into the holy places, receive general indulgence provided that the spiritual union with all believers is Others, completely free from sin and with the intent to comply as soon as possible with the three usual conditions (familial confession, eucharistic communion and prayer according to the purposes of the Holy Father), the image of Jesus or the Blessed Virgin Mary, recite pious prayers for the dead, eg applause and vespers from the office For the dead, the rosary of Mary, the offering of divine mercy, other prayers for the dead dear to the faithful, oh, enjoy the contemplative reading of one of the passages of the Gospel proposed for the liturgy of the dead, or do an act of mercy by offering the pains and fatigues to God. The annoyances of life.

The new decree states that “from the Church’s renewed generosity, believers will surely derive pious intentions and spiritual vitality to direct their lives according to the law of the Gospel, in the patriarchal communion and devotion of the Supreme Pontiff, the visible institution and pastor of the Catholic Church.”