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Canned fish, research reveals an interesting fact: we were convinced otherwise

Canned fish, research reveals an interesting fact: we were convinced otherwise

In the past, many studies have highlighted the protective role of fish against various types of cancer, but none have focused on the specific benefits of canned fish. Let’s see what they are.

An Italian study rehabilitating canned fish: It is much more than just a substitute for the fresh one. Let’s see why.

Cans of preserves, views from above on a rustic wooden table

The truth about canned fish: no one expected it

According to an Italian studyConsume At least two servings of canned fish per week reduces the risk of colorectal cancer. Researchers from the Department of Health Policy at the Mario Negri Institute analyzed data from Two studies were conducted in Italy between 1992 and 2010 with the support of the AIRC . Foundation on me 2419 patients with colorectal cancer and 4723 patients with colorectal cancerCompare their eating habits.

According to research, those who consume at least two servings per week of canned tuna, mackerel or sardines. You are less likely to get this type of cancer. It sounds incredible but it’s true, canned fish may be better than we think.

In short, this research It has rehabilitated what was hitherto considered food poor, Compared to fresh fish, showing how It is beneficial to include it in the dietespecially for those who can’t get the premium version of this food available, ie from the fish counter.

The amazing effect of canned fish: against cancer

despite The anticancer effect of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids has not been demonstratedIt is these substances that are considered most responsible for the protective effect against cellular degeneration. What if In fresh fish, this quality belongs exclusively to the meat itselfin one package It can be amplified by the presence of the preservative oil, which is rich in monounsaturated fats, including the valuable oleic acid..

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Canned fish benefits
Canned fish

This does not mean that canned fish is more effective in preventing cancer.” – Carlotta Franchi, Head of the Laboratory of Pharmacoepidemiology and Human Nutrition, announces to Mario Negri – “But its regular consumption is equally beneficial in preventing such diseases.”

Results I graduated from the study is a step forward To support the role of nutrition in the prevention of various diseasesIncluding the one that was spread by the Ministry of Health in 2020, and represents the third cancer in men and the second in women, With a 5-year survival probability from diagnosis of 65.3% in men and 66.3% in women.

Canned tuna benefits
canned tuna

Therefore, canned fish brings excellent benefits to our bodiesfor those who have already used it to continue to do so, for those who preferred only the fresh, and now know that even the canned, It can be an excellent alternative instead of a healthy alternative.