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TV Bonus: Money Spent

The TV bonus was used a lot by all those who had to adapt to new devices capable of transmitting the latest digital generation to the earth. In this regard, on December 20 there will be a very important intermediate stage, which is likely to arrive without funds because it is running out. Let’s look at it together.

Italy continues its ascent towards a New TV SystemAlways digital and in keeping with the times. It is clear that the transition cannot happen for free, in fact we need a TV capable of receiving the new digital terrestrial signal. It is difficult to refinance the TV reward and there is a risk of reaching the final stage with money spent.

Let’s see all there is to know in the following article.

TV Bonus: Money already sold out in November

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The TV bonusEssential for all those who intend to modify their television, both for fun but also for needs related to the transition to new technology, Running out of money. The first technical estimates show that around €100 million would need to be included in the exercise to guarantee the amounts promised to all applicants.

In fact, the money already allocated by the government, is equal to about 315 million euros. The only available funds are those for mountain municipalities that have to adapt to regulations and for free home delivery from compatible decoder For older people on low incomes.

Digital Terrestrial: Skipping the Final Step?

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there TV rewards crisis It could also have an impact on the program related to the transition to the new digital land. The lack of suitable televisions or systems on the system can greatly affect future choices in this area. The original calendar has already undergone a transformation for a whole year, but in this case the migration cannot take place due to the lack of hardware.

Precisely for this reason, the government has to think carefully about whether to include it in Budget Law Allocate new earmarked funds.