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Billiard Swimmers in the United States Experiences: Who to Watch for

we are here! After more than a year of uncertainty, the Olympics is rapidly approaching. All athletes are now close to finishing their preparations and trying their hands on the latest tests. Of course, American athletes, who have always been a point of reference for many disciplines, are no exception. Today we’re talking about swimming, about 3 weeks after the “first wave” event in Omaha, where the show promises to find swimmers to get their tickets. Tokyo Olympics.

In the spotlight, five women’s events in a short course, with exciting content promising to make a great show, let’s see them in detail

50 free

After losing the podium in 2012 in London, the United States won the silver medal in 2016 in Brazil Simon Manuel. This year it is still the favorite but behind it the battle is open.

The hero in Responsible for The Olympic Trials Abby Witzel. He has represented Team USA in 50 freestyle swimming at every global event since Rio and will look to continue their winning streak. Young woman Claire Karzan She entered the limelight after a staggering 17 24 last weekend, which earned her the world junior record. She thus became the third fastest American woman in this major.

While Kate Douglas And the Tory Husky e Gretchen Walsh They are all back on the list of the top 25 players in the world this season, which definitely puts them on their way to a finish on the podium. It remains to be seen whether Manuel and Witzel will continue their dominance in the fast-paced disciplines or whether they will hand the mace over to one of the new disciplines.

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100 butterflies

Another race that could see a large number of young players participate in the final. The American record holder is Kelsey Dalia. A year earlier she was included in a commercial approaching Tokyo, demonstrating the strength of her image as a winning swimmer. But as young Karzan and Husky’s arrival quickly improved, his situation was not so peaceful. Last month, Curzan became the fastest active American swimmer on the TAC Titans Premier Invitational, 56 20 her time tele. At the same meeting, Huske also stopped the watch at a time of 56 69, a performance Dalia has not actually achieved since 2018.

Who defeated Dahlia twice this year is Reagan Smith. She also has strong hopes, although she is not yet on the watchlist, but she has swam and won the race in all three of the TYR Pro Series races she has competed in this year.

100 times

What makes the US pre-Olympic experiences unique is that each event appears to be the final of the Games. This appears to be more true at full back. Given the high quality of the swimmers participating in this Omaha race, the final result is likely to be better than what could be achieved during the Olympic race in Tokyo.

Smith, the world record holder, is a front runner, but he is in second place is a brawl. Former world record holder Kathleen Baker He wants to look ahead and try his best after his injury-filled 2019. With Olivia Smolega And the Ryan White And the Curzan who are all down from 59 by 59 in the past few weeks, Baker quickly reclaimed his best, like 2018, if he wanted to be in the pool for his second Olympics.

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It took 59 35 to reach the final in Rio, but given the sheer number of talent the United States possesses, it may be necessary to drop below 59 to qualify for the final test and below 58 to reach Tokyo.

200 mixed

Here we are faced with the most uncertain race of trials. The fastest swimmer at the moment is Baker and this puts her in the favored position. But Melanie Margales, the two-time world champion, must also participate in the race, which has always been among the best in the past seven seasons. To continue this trend, fight for the lead.

After being postponed to medical school to compete in the trials, the 2017 World Cup bronze medalist Madison Cox will strive to culminate a successful career by joining the Olympic team for the first time. Cox made an important performance over the weekend, swam in the 2’08 51 best time in the world this year. A race to watch on all lanes where the best swimmers in the specialty will line up

200 times

An easy victory for Smith can be expected here, but the battle behind it will be intense. It seemed easy for Baker until a week ago, at the TYR Pro Series Final in Indianapolis, Phoebe Bacon swam to her best of 2’06 84, effectively announcing her entry among the contenders for a spot on the team. Go to Tokyo. Also with her is Ryan White and Isabel Staden Able to run approximately 2’07 ”.

Many young talent are advancing rapidly and Olympic test results may give a new name to the old guard of American swimmers.

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