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Light Triangle on the Space Station Live: “It’s 100% UFO”

Light Triangle on the Space Station Live: “It’s 100% UFO”

Still image of the video showing the passage of the UFO

Four lights arranged in a triangle shape They cross space. This is what we see in a video that sends ophthalmologists into a rapture, convinced they’ve seen one Alien spacecraft. Watched live from International Space Station In the context ofAn ISS HD Earth viewing experience. The video snippet was analyzed by the calculation YouTube, “Ufo Sightings Daily”. Scott WaringOne UFO enthusiast, who analyzed the clip, said that in those photos you can see a “100% foreigner”

“It’s one object with four bright regions – clearer, describing images – and the central front part is also lit, which is what I imagine Cockpit or part of the drive. It’s absolutely unbelievable, it’s a spaceship, and I think it’s 100 percent weird. “We cannot ignore – the ophthalmologist continues – that the image was taken by a million-dollar video camera for the space station, and this makes it undeniable a lot from NASA itself.” Then the ophthalmologist analyzed the video of the Earth viewing experience using With the help of advanced software, To focus on the properties of the triangle object. And so Waring found out Solid structureWe can glimpse these mysterious and colorful lights.

Obama’s words

This discovery revives the souls of those convinced that we are not alone in the universe and comes after the surprising words of former US President Barack Obama. “ UFOs are present And you don’t mess with them. It must be taken very seriously. “ An affirmation that would let some time find him if he wasn’t a person nHe certainly is not known as a “fanatic”. A statement made by Obama during a chat interview during TV broadcast on CNN (Well-known American channel) popular “Late Late Show” hosted by James Corden.

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What are UFOs

The word Ufo is an abbreviation (a word made up of the first letters of the expression) derived from the English language “Unknown Bird Object o Unknown Bird Object“This means in Italian”Unidentified flying methodWhich generally refers to any weather phenomenon whose causes cannot be easily or immediately determined by the observer.