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Mini Test, Datasheet, Reviews and Dimensions Cooper S.

Mini Test, Datasheet, Reviews and Dimensions Cooper S.

They worked on bumpers

The MiniAfter three years of previous restyling (the car was born in 2013), it has been slightly modernized in appearance and mechanics. We drove the most classic version, which is 3 doorsSimilar innovations, however, are found in the slightly longer five-door and in a convertible, with a canvas roof that can be opened. Lines, having a strong character, change a little. The front bumper differs, in that the round fog lights are no longer present (their function is performed by the standard full LED headlights), and the grille is also different: it has a wider frame that extends up to the base of the bumper, incorporating a lower air intake. The black plastic profile of the wheel arches has a more pronounced rim, and at the rear, the bumper has the widest grille with a single rear fog lamp (located above the two central tailpipes). Headlights with UK flag graphics are now standard rather than optional. The names of the versions also change, which, at least in the case of the test car, can be misleading: it Cooper S. With the richest and sportiest styling John Cooper WorksNot to be confused with the 231 hp John Cooper Works.

More technology, and always well done

Inside we find the “usual” Mini, with the front seats that feature a low base and sporty; In the back, two adults can covertly seat (the car is approved for four) only if those in the front agree to move the seat more often. The stem is small, but well finished and equipped with a 6 cm high loading surface; It is accessed from a large door. Dashboard for Mini Cooper S, Elaborate and unmistakable, it is well finished and same as above; Unfortunately, during the redesign, the ring was not moved to turn on the lights from the bottom (bottom left of the steering wheel): they are almost invisible from the driver’s seat. In the center of the dashboard is the massive, round central element, which houses the multimedia system with an 8.8-inch screen (before the redesign was optional). Next to it, the air conditioning vents change shape: now they have rounded corners, aligned with the bar that intersects the dashboard. The easy-to-consult 5-inch digital instrument panel is also making its debut. The interior lighting has been revised, which uses the same color for the hardware and for the LEDs for the ambient lights: the primary color is blue, but you can switch to red by choosing the sporty driving mode.

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2.0 “full body”

To comply with the latest Euro 6d pollution control legislation, 2.0 by Cooper S. Equipped with a particulate filter – power decreased from 192 to 178 hp. According to the manufacturer, the shot suffers a little (the official “0-100” speed ranges from 6.8 seconds to 7.5 seconds) while the top speed does not change (235 per hour). The data was always good, and the acceleration data seemed within the vehicle’s reach. We put the test on hold for a future test on alVolante, but you can definitely enjoy full thrust while the drive, accompanied by the captivating growl of the 4 cylinders. The dual-clutch automatic gearbox is fast, with seven gears (2,250 euros) and steering wheel levers for manual use. By choosing the Sport mode from the lever at the base of the console (there is also a medium-and-green which favors consumption), the steering, very ready, becomes slightly more difficult, the electronic suspensions stiffen and the speed of March steps. We close with a note about consumption: the official premium figure (17.2 km / l) appears to be difficult to match. On the dashboard we read just under 12 km / l.

There is a shortage of electronic aid

The update has filled in minimal gaps in the Mini On the front of the electronic driving aids. The lane keeping system is still missing, but at least a lane departure warning is presented (active between 70 and 210 km / h); It is part of the Driving Assistant package (€ 700 to set up John Cooper Works; Includes parking sensors and a rear camera). Adaptive cruise control is available instead in the Driving Assistant Plus package, priced at € 1,300. But you can’t have, among other things, blind spot sensors.

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In our opinion

> Fit. The steering is direct and fast, and on turns the body is slightly reclining to the side.
> Finishes. It’s a small “luxury”: refined materials and without assembly flaws.
> performance. The 2.0 turbo is very bright.

> Rear habitability. Legroom for sofa (certified for two) is only acceptable by moving the seats forward a lot.
> Electronic driving aids. Even for a fee, there isn’t much.
> Box. Small, although completely usable.