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Big success for the day of the Panathlon - Echo di Savona

Big success for the day of the Panathlon – Echo di Savona

Panathlon Savona has given ‘Carlo Zanelli’ some very successful sports facts in Savona like Simply Danza, Fabio Encorvaia and Carlo Cola.

“Here we reward the athletes and the associations that give prestige to our province,” stated Enrico Rebagliati, president of the Panathlon Club, noting the existence of the Boys’ Charter of Rights in Sports that includes the Charter of Parental Duties. The new councilor for sport in the Savona municipality, Francesco Rossello, has important views on the world of sport and we wish him well for a good job.”

Similar words from Riccardo Viaggi, Wellbeing Consultant: “I greet the management by saying that the Panathlon is very important and the theme of youth in sport should not be neglected but everyone should give positive examples. I like days like this so much because all sports are celebrated and above all Savona sport “.

“I bring the compliments of the Coni leaders, saying that Panathlon has important values ​​in itself. This sport is 75 years old and its fame shows no sign of abating and I take this opportunity to say that I am leaving my position as Governor,” says Antonio Mecilo, Coni Liguria Regional President.

“President Mecilo is doing well by focusing so much on Savona,” confirms Coney Savona Regional Delegate Roberto Pizzorno, “and in January 2022 there will be the General Mandates of Sport with all the federations; this is an excellent starting point to avoid the abandonment of sporting activities and the crisis of volunteering. This is for the sport that is It has no political colours, a hard time and must be helped by whoever rules it; in every municipality there is a Coni Guardian who works with the local officials Paralympic athletes must be considered like everyone else, and by their activity they have rebelled against the abuse they have been subjected to by getting where no one thought they were They can go.”

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Pino Corso highlights “Architectural barriers in sports facilities must also be removed in light of the important results of the Paralympic champions”, and for this we need everyone. I am convinced that during an interview with the Paralympic champion, we should ask him about the results he obtained, and not about his disability. ”

“Dance is a sport,” recalls a representative of Simply Dance, “and sport dance uses the body and the mind and we are convinced that everyone can practice it.”

“This award is dedicated to the heroes and their families, the Golden Cross of the Passiola Marina, the boys of Branco and all the volunteers who help me with the organization,” comments award-winning Fabio Encorvia, “and these days the real show are the heroes. A sports day for these families carries a wonderful message that boys are not misfortunes but champions And everyone gets a cup, T-shirt and lunch absolutely free Sponsors help us and Jet Ski Therapy is a unique event also found in Romania and Bulgaria but coming soon to the UK and Thailand I am asking for help from municipal administrations and all of the volunteers involved who contribute by donating money or doing with something.”

“I am a diving instructor for disabled children,” confirms Roberto Gersi, “and I am very proud of everyone I follow but I want to remember Fabio Encorvaia, one of the sons of the Azzurri in Italy.”

“This honor is very important to us because we do our work with many sacrifices and children with disabilities give us a lot of satisfaction,” continues Carlo Cola, award-winning Liguria Hockey Paralympics coach, “and none of those who attend our activities pay anything even if the material has costs High. One of the things we don’t like is that we have to pay VAT on items purchased and hopefully the government can change that.”

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“Savonian sport needs protection and some situations must be evaluated; the municipal administration has a clear position and we help everyone “, concludes President Ribagliati.