Sunday, July 21, 2024

Biden and ‘siesta’ at controversial COP26: ’embarrassing’


sleep shot of Joe Biden, 79, while assembling Cop26 in Glasgow. The President of the United States of America was pinched by a video clip that went viral on social media, while for 22 seconds he looked, with his eyes closed and his head heavy, as if he was completely away from the conference. This one-minute short film traveled quickly around the world and generated controversy both in the United States and around the world.

Joe Biden, who his opponents also call him sleepy atmosphere (Not a better name) He arrived in Scotland directly from Rome, where he participated in the G-20. It was definitely two intense days in Italy for the President of the United States, which may also have been influenced by the time zone. The video, which quickly went viral on the network, depicts two different moments in which Joe Biden appears to be asleep. In fact, for the first time, the cameras filmed him closing his eyes for 7 seconds, then reopening them and nodding. But a few moments before, overwhelmed by fatigue, Joe Biden closes his eyes again, this time for much longer. To bring him out of his slumber, one of his assistants thought about it, who approached him and told him something. At this point Sleepy Joe rubs his eyes and continues to follow the ongoing surgery.

Joe Biden’s nap coincided with an intervention Eddie NdoboActivist in the field of disability rights. Inevitably, the insomnia suffered by the President of the United States has generated much controversy, especially abroad, where many Republican leaders, but also ordinary citizens, have defined Joe Biden’s position as “embarrassing.” The first to post the video on social media was a Washington Post reporter, who commented: “Biden appears to be sleeping during COP 26 opening speechesThen NBC echoed the following: “Looks like he was falling asleepJournalist Kylie McInami added, reviewing the video:An unfortunate metaphor for the Biden presidencyThe satirical profile of RNC Research, which focuses on the US President, did not miss the opportunity:Sleepy Joe Biden lives up to his name!“.


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