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Because today everyone is re-discovering Ratzinger's greatness

Because today everyone is re-discovering Ratzinger’s greatness

Making it a matter of comparison is of little use. Rediscover thought and actions Joseph Ratzinger Yet it is indisputable. Perhaps the example provided by history will place people in front of new questions. It is physiological: those looking for comprehensive but humane answers turn to the ideas of great interpreters of the time and times that will be.

Faith has something to do with it, but a vision Benedict XVI And it’s not just Catholics. Worldwide attention for the 94th birthday The honorary is just a countless sign. Not just a media figure, but a general consideration that came from several places. Indeed, from the point of view of the media, after the constant attacks on the “German Shepherd”, it was almost a pigeon of humility.

From cash to Relativity To the necessary dilution of economic logic with standards of social justice, through the serious defense of the Catholic faith and the cultural battle being waged in the direction of the spread of “new rights”: Today, Ratzinger is rediscovered because he anticipated the issues that would be the focus of the world. Even during the Ratzengeri era, the issue of recognizing certain rights of the LGBT community was confronted, but not with this continuity and with this extreme focus. The “influencer” role has yet to emerge, for one reason.

Someone thinks it is with Pope Ratzinger The The Catholic Church He would not hesitate to take a stand on Zan Ddl, but this is just an example of the expectations set today, which certainly differ from the past, but which did not present their side of “ideological colonialism”, as the Pope called it Francis. They are different communication styles for messages that can in turn differ. Although the discourse on the actual “continuity” between the ruler and the predecessor is more an exercise in style than anything else. The church remains, even in these epidemic times, one of the few stable institutions that can be relied upon.

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We have a lot of Ratzingerian writing, but it doesn’t necessarily end here. Cardinal Marc Ole, some time ago, May occur From “surprises”. So it was, in the past with “From the bottom of our hearts”, Which is the text through which the Ratzinger Matrix, also expressed by Cardinal Robert Sarah, takes a stand against the abolition of priestly celibacy, which is not in the plans Jorge Mario Bergoglio But in some progressive church circles, yes. There is no point in hiding that.

Always the tensions and cultural tendencies that come from it Germany Which Ratzinger has never been, at least not in the ecclesiastical hierarchy. Because Benedict XVI, if we understand something of his modus operandi, has never acted in the function of a “corruption system” that was able to ensure the continuity of his imprint. And the Catholic Church, of course, developed regardless of the intentions of the professor who decided to give up the throne of Peter.

Much of this rediscovery revolves around the need foridentification That we all claim and that saying we’re Ratzingery just fills up. But Benedict XVI never embraced ideologies, preferring to complicate ideological ramifications. Now then the big questions are back in the news, as the pandemic has forced everyone to question the meaning. In Ratzingiri thought, as is clear, is the word freedom, which today is definitely defined without God. It would be worth repeating that there is no truth for retirees without freedom and vice versa. And perhaps from a truth understood in the manner of Benedict XVI, the world, and especially the West, is moving further and further away.

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However, there is, even among the younger generations, a pocket of Ratzinger’s resistance. People who do not give in to a West Without sacred and without a compass. People who have not given up the vertical vision of existence. The need for a center for a place that lost its place is perhaps the best key to understanding why Ratzingerism undergoes an evaluation process. But we are not saying anything new. With the same manual, however, the process involved is now standardized.