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Migrants, Seawatch in its fourth rescue: "We have wrecked more than 400 ships".  More than 800 people landed in Italy in 48 hours

Migrants, Seawatch in its fourth rescue: “We have wrecked more than 400 ships”. More than 800 people landed in Italy in 48 hours

“The 97 people One of the wooden boat Two sites They were already at sea From three days. Luckily we managed Bring them all healthy And save on board “.The NG Seawatch He says his own on Twitter Save last, The fourth of the last days in the water Mediterranean. “It simply came to our notice then Secure port For that More than 400 guests At Seawatch 4 of, they add. They have been completed in Italy in the last 48 hours 800 And immigrants Landed: A total of 532 shipwrecks arrived in Lampedusa on Saturday and night, rescued by patrol boats Port authorities And Financial Police. Two other boats landed on the island today: a total of 153 people landed. Transfer procedures have already begun from the hotspot where about 700 migrants stayed Isolated vessels. Also, the ship Ocean Viking Landed in port Augusta: Were on board 119 Minors Unsupported.

Thus the landing will return to the center of the political agenda, with the leader of the league Matteo Salvini Who says he wrote to the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi: “Hundreds of illegal immigrants landed within hours Unacceptable. We wrote a letter to President Drake and to the Ministries of Health and the Interior: It is a duty between the Govt and the variants, except for those who are on the plane from endangered countries. To prevent The small boats and the Italians, their sacrifices, their health, were beyond their respect Security. Is there nothing you can do? Lie. In one year I have reduced landings by 80% and undergo two tests to secure the boundaries. With fewer departures, there are fewer deaths. Desire is power, ”Salvini wrote on Facebook.

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