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Attorney Amara Arrested, Former Attorney Capristo-Courier.It Residence Duty

Attorney Amara Arrested, Former Attorney Capristo-Courier.It Residence Duty

The Potenza magistrate announced the new precautionary measures to Toronto’s former attorney Carlo Maria Capristo And Sicilian lawyer Pio Amara He was arrested this morning by Cardia de Finanza as part of a branch of the Potenza investigation It is also concerned about Toronto’s former Ilva. The former head of the Ionian Attorney’s Office was ordered to stay in Barry. There is talk of aid allegedly being associated with the former Ilva, Capristo was a lawyer in Toronto and was a legal adviser to Amara Steel when the company was under extraordinary management. In this capacity, he will have a relationship with Capristo.

Corruption in the Judiciary

Apart from lawyer Amara, they are also on trial in the same case involving former Ilva Attorney Giacomo Ragno, Now under house arrest, e Home Ministry official Filippo Paradiso (Former head of Sybilia’s secretariat), for whom the prison attorney ordered Amara. Hypothesis of an offense challenged by a Power of Attorney for a former lawyer of Toronto Capristo who was a lawyer in Trani Corruption in the Judiciary: In the order of the trial judge it is stated that it is a continuous and integrated behavior … implemented for a long time and the expression of considerable organizational and related skills.

Pressures on CSM for the life of a lawyer

We read in the Proceedings of the Attorney General’s Office, signed by Capristo, Attorney General Francesco Cursio, He permanently sold his judicial function to Amara and Nicola Nicoletti (advisor to the Ilva Commissioners). He will receive assistance for his career in Tranny’s attorney’s office and in Toronto’s office. When Paradiso was the mediator between the Sicilian lawyer and the lawyer (for which he was paid by Amara). Trani ended his office as a Republican attorney in 2016, and in fact Capristo would have been without executive positions. But, according to the Attorney General’s Office, Amara and Paradiso (who cooperated and co-operated with each other) were CSM members (who knew them directly or indirectly) or carried out a consistent process of pressure, request and recommendation on subjects. Capristo is considered to have the ability to influence the latter with information about vacant executive positions of interest.

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Control over the Ilva process

In exchange for assistance in obtaining his appointment, the attorney would have guaranteed Correction in the context of the former Ilva trial, According to documents from the Potenza Inquiry. During the hearings last June, in fact, attorney Angelo Loretto (Ilva’s law firm defender), during the trial of the former Ilva, Nicolette, an adviser to the commissioners, declared that the steel company had to take action. Management: In 2017, at the end of the trial, the legal person was a stranger, and it was a success for me … I remember Nicoletti confronted me with a very angry wind, but complained about the outcome of the trial, the lawyer announced. As I did not have enough skill in avoiding what happened, he expected the actions to be completely dismissive. In this situation, Nicolette, with the appointment of Capristo, pointed out that he now expects an impact, a role, positive results. Beginning in the summer of 2016, Niccols was particularly outraged whenever a lawyer issued a warrant against ILL, as if something completely extraordinary had happened, legal.

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Relationships at the highest level of the two suspects

Amara is cooperating with Perugia’s lawyer in the investigation into the “Lodge Hungary” he allegedly published. Paradiso, an official with the Interior Ministry, accused Amara of having illicit relations with Rome. To justify the decision to detain him in jail, the judge outlines the specific relevant and taxing power of the two suspects: they have been shown to operate, communicate and issue orders in a wide range of institutions at the highest level. Way, through the exchange of illegal aid (with organizations that undermine established policies of democracy and civil society and the rule of law), leading to the appointment of a public prosecutor for personal gain. As defined by the lawyer, both would have used their borderline business circle, as well as communication systems such as Wicker, which could have avoided investigation and control, which is an encrypted instant messaging application.

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Investigation into the Eni conspiracy

While he was in Trani, Capristo Amara was recognized by me: Carlo Maria Capristo, a former attorney for the Republic of Trani, was recognized by attorney Pietro Amara as an interim attorney for the judiciary, with the attorney general for the office. Writes.

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