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The Iliad warns of the impossibility of changing the plan

The Iliad warns of the impossibility of changing the plan

Codacons warns Eliade

We receive and publish the Codacons press release for information duty, we have now decided to move to the bottom of a question change plan Still absent with the Iliad. A problem, which customers know very well, I felt very much especially after the release of the new prices which are much cheaper than the previous ones. To stay up to date with all the news from the world of the Iliad and the phone, also follow us on Telegram at this link.

Codacons press release

The Iliad has been promising a change of view since 2018 but nothing yet. Kodakuns: Since 2018, Eliad has launched its own “revolution” made of bass progressHowever, the lack of a reconfiguration, the big absence is the possibility of changing the presentation. It is necessary to ensure this possibility to customers, which I have already promised years ago! We will give a warning to the company.

Since 2018, Eliad has started a real “revolution” in the field of pricing, which has led to healthy competition between companies which has led to lower prices for consumers

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However, a strong problem is the impossibility of changing the offer for all customers who are already customers. Once you sign the Iliad view, in fact, in order to change the view, the only inconvenient solution is to switch to another trigger and then go back to the Iliad. This solution is very time consuming and also expensive (new activation cost). Added to this is the environmental damage caused by useless handling of couriers (to deliver sims) and the disposal of old sims (two!).

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Codacons: This system, as we have seen, becomes harmful from an economic point of view to consumers and from an environmental point of view to the whole society. Consumers are now feeling deceived by the promised supply change since 2018.
We will present a warning to the Iliad requesting that the function be executed as soon as possible.

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