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At the Sala Baganza Science Publishing Evening with NASA researcher Michele Vallisneri –

At the Sala Baganza Science Publishing Evening with NASA researcher Michele Vallisneri –

“the magic of science”or rather a poetic journey to discover black holes and the secret code of the universe, is the title of the evening of scientific publishing with Michael Vallisnerithat will happen Wednesday, July 12, at 21.00 in the courtyard Rocca Sanvitali by Sala Baganza. A very traditional and popular date, with the researcher at NASAincluded in the event calendar “Whoever wants to be happy, let him be.” Organized by Sala Baganza Municipality with artistic sponsorship from Spencer. The event is also part of the project “art castle”also created by the municipality with a contribution KariParma Foundation.

Vallisneri will talk about the genesis and implications of the latest discovery of gravitational astronomy, announced at the end of June: “bottom” From gravitational radiation that pervades the universe and is generated by black holes at the center of galaxies. This topic will also provide an opportunity to reflect on the inexplicable effectiveness of science in describing the universe, and the new possibilities offered by artificial intelligence technologies. As in past years, it will be accompanied by an artistic proposal, with the interventions of the actor Sandro Carotti Musical commentary by John Amegety (keyboard) e Luke Nobis (guitar).

† Midnight Mass (by Marcello Frigeri)

Valesneri is a senior research scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. He studies the detection and interpretation of gravitational waves emitted by astrophysical sources, participated in the first observation of a binary system of black holes in 2015, and was recognized by the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics. Scientific publishing and the creative frontier between art and science are passions he has always nurtured.

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Sandro Carotti is a stage actor and voice actor. A graduate of the historic Vittorio Gassmann Theater Workshop, founding member of the Zauberteatro in Florence, he has worked with Giorgio Albertazzi, Gabriele Lavia and Massimo Ranieri. He has collaborated on musical productions with the Cherubini Conservatory in Florence and with Luciano Berio’s Tempo Reale Foundation.

Keyboardist Giovanni Amegiti has been working with Peter Gabriel’s Real World since the 1990s and has collaborated with Fred Frith, Jeff Coffin, Ayoub Ogada, Jo Yu, Term Quartet, Mary Bowen, David Rhodes, Helge A. Norbakken and Moreno “the blonde” and Fiorenzo Tacinari.

Guitarist Luca Nobis is the educational director of CPM in Milan. He has recorded several discs of contemporary classical music and collaborates with pop musicians such as Antonella Ruggiero.