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Artemis, Decisive Day: Follow the Cooling Test |  Live

Artemis, Decisive Day: Follow the Cooling Test | Live

Artemis Start the engines: the appointment is for Today at 13:00it is an essential test for the correct continuation of the task in light of Artemis I . launch scheduled for september 27 (with 2 October as a backup date in case of problems) After delays at the beginning of the month because of Liquid hydrogen loss during fuel loading phase In the central stage of the space launch system.

The area was cleared this morning at 9:40 Italian time, the green light for A load of coolant fuel It will be presented as shown at 13:00 (again Italian time, at Launch Pad 39B from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida it will be 7:00 a.m.), hoping this time everything will go smoothly. On this occasion, the launch simulation countdown will end at 3:40pm local time (9:40pm in Italy), but the test will be completed anyway 40 minutes before (i.e. once the test targets are reached).

Countdown, meaning of L minus and T minus: The first indicates the time remaining to take off, expressed in hours and minutes. The second represents a series of events that occur before the end of the countdown (in practice it indicates the time remaining to the start of each of these events). There are pauses in the countdown to allow the team to complete certain tasks without affecting the final countdown time. During these breaks, T minus will be turned off, and L minus will not be turned off.

Therefore, it seems that the problems that caused the delay in the launch have been resolved: they are, in fact, resolved Replacing some liquid hydrogen seal valves Found between the space launch system and the mobile launcher is one dimension with a small indentation. The cause of the loss may be this very defect.

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The four stages:

  • Repair evaluation
  • Loading fuel according to new procedures (reduced potential for leakage thanks to slowing temperatures and pressure changes)
  • Implementation of a start-up bleed (engine cooling)
  • Pre-pressure test to bring the liquid hydrogen tank to the pressure level it will be at launch

Live in progress! The page will refresh automatically.