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The gym's distress is ready: "We all left the house without salaries and without money"

The gym’s distress is ready: “We all left the house without salaries and without money”

The closed doors of a prefab gymnasium

Livorno, gym workers just closed Fiume Road: “We just heard about the final stop from Facebook”

Livorno. They found that the gym they had been working at for years wouldn’t reopen until they read about it The social networking site Facebook, On May 19. However, in the lockers of the rooms on Fiume Road, they still had their personal belongings: some bags, and some clothes to change after work. Above all, they hadn’t seen the euro for months: no salaries and no layoffs.

The staff at the ready-made gym do not want to attack anyone, but they are angry: “We feel cheated, that’s enough …”. Speaking on behalf of colleagues is Serena Sabio, 30 years old: Set in Via Fiume in 2018, but others have been working at the counter at the entrance before, since November 2015, when the activities opened. We are talking about six permanent employees to take care of the reception, practically the clerks of the office, as well as about fifteen athletic collaborators, including coaches, divided between gyms in Livorno and Pisa.

Both of them, as well as Montecatini, have just closed their doors. Interviewed by Tyrrhenian Wednesday, Francesco e Giovanni Reddy They explained that they did not succeed because “the virus toppled us”, “only between Livorno and Pisa we paid 12 thousand euros in rent and in the long term they were costs we could not bear.” Then he asserted that “the collaborators benefited from the government reward, while the employees got Covid Casa”.

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Nevertheless, the situation described by the workers was no less than critical: “We are without pay, without layoffs, and without formal communications from the company. We learned from The social networking site Facebook From not re-opening and we found ourselves without work like this, from day to night ». “In May 2020 – Sapio rebuilt – the gym reopened after the first shutdown. We worked to full capacity until October 25, when the government decided on a new moratorium. But the last envelope received and paid for is from August 2020, so we still have to collect the funds for September and October. ” not everything. “From that moment on – tell the workers – the angel didn’t tell us anything: either they didn’t respond or rip off. So we all turned to the unions, CGIL and UIL, for answers about the arrears and the future. But they no longer reveal themselves at meetings, stating that they are no longer the owners. In fact, the union verified that in the meantime, in November, there was a sale to a third person, who responded on his part that he was not responsible for this situation. So, we get to the point: “We were able to take the Cassa virus in November and December. But at that point, the accountant had changed and the unions could no longer obtain everything they needed to redirect practices. Since January, we have been without a salary and without layoffs. ” For sporting collaborators, contracts were closed in December, while hired staff actually waited for the salaries of September, October, and the first five months of the year.

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“We felt cheated – they concluded – that we don’t want to attack anyone, but that is the truth. Meanwhile, we are requesting the money we owe. We have already submitted a complaint to the Labor Inspectorate. Some of us still have a valid contract … ». –

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