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American Horror Story: Double Feature

American Horror Story: Double Feature



John J Gray, Lonnie Peristeri, Laura Bellsey, Tessa Blake


Sarah Paulson (Karen tuberculosis)

Evan Peters (Austin Somers)

Dennis O’Hare (Holden Vaughn)

American Horror Story: Double Feature It is a 2021 television series written by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk.

We had to wait a long time for the big 10th anniversary season american horror story. It’s been almost two years since the end of season nine 1984. Sure enough, there have also been changes related to the epidemic, meanwhile, the authors of the great anthology series have produced a short series called american horror stories celebrate the season AHS per episode instead of one story per season. Although that’s not quite the case with Season 10. double advantage It is the name of the tenth season. This time we were amazed at the novelty of the conceptual split, without watching the trailer. The surprise wasn’t entirely positive, because instead of a big ten-year season, there were two very short, as if two ideas had been on the table for years, but never realized. Although it all starts very promisingly. The first episodes of red tide They are powerful, especially when it comes to creating a certain atmosphere. A seaside town deserted in winter has its own secret, which is bloody in nature. american horror story He manages to combine social criticism with horror. It’s all about stars, talents and vampires (the karaoke scenes with Evan Peters are priceless). We don’t expect more. There are some people from the regular cast AHS And Macaulay Culkin is wonderfully organized (which he welcomes to be part of the cast more often!).

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The characters are well drawn and the game with morals is more disturbing than the bloody moments. Because the real horror unfortunately quickly fades into the background (the initially interesting-looking vampire characters fade more and more in underestimation). In general, the puzzle is solved very quickly. No wonder the creators only have six episodes instead of the usual ten for their story. However, red tide It was above all an atmospheric and visually appealing narrative piece. The pace was a little slow here and there and the fact that the episodes were of varying lengths between 37 and 61 minutes is annoying. All in all, at least until episode five, the entertainment was pretty decent. Not the anniversary show, but not inferior to the level of previous seasons … In the second part, several actors appear from the first six episodes, but Cody Fern and new faces are added to them, including Neil McDonough (Desperate Housewives). McDonough only plays Dwight D. Eisenhower. Yes, the former president of the United States. This leads us to an aspect that is both strengths and weaknesses: the incorporation of real historical figures. Starting in 1954, over the course of only four episodes, we’re seeing several decades. All in the last millennium in black and white, as well as the 2021 time level in color. There is a lot of meat on the fire. All kinds of politicians, heroes of their time and above all conspiracy theories.

What starts with aliens becomes more…fantasy. The intro is actually quite nice, as it exudes a certain old-fashioned horror charm, just like in the first films of the genre. But somehow it feels like you have to hit the pedal really hard to really set the mood. Unfortunately, the story is still somewhat lackluster compared to red tide. There are some good moments and very successful dialogue as well, however it all feels like a high quality conspiratorial documentary but overall simple. Yes, all seemingly stupid ideas are actually true, they are interconnected and politics is responsible for them. It’s cool in some scenes, especially when Marilyn is in the pool or Steve Jobs is lounging in the Apple Store coffee shop, but the effect is rarely surprising — more can be done. Especially since it looked like at least one more episode was missing from the end. all in all, double advantage It is a bit disappointing. Rather than being large for the 10th anniversary celebration, two ideas were used that did not reach the scale of the entire season. Vampires and aliens do not fit well, and although the poster elements accompanying the season are quite successful, they play well with the contrast of fictional characters. It is a pity that the group did not succeed in the show, because while realizing the value that the two mini-series in the series undoubtedly enjoy, there remains a sense of separation and incompleteness that detracts from the value of an undisputed work of social satire and politics, of which Murphy and Falchuk are the undisputed masters. .

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