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All these were loved and practiced by the King of the United Kingdom

All these were loved and practiced by the King of the United Kingdom

Not everyone knows that King Charles loves sports: What sports does the King of the United Kingdom prefer and practice?

All members of the royal family, by tradition, are born athletes and practice various disciplines from an early age. Queen Elizabeth II, for example, was an excellent polo and golf player. Even the most prominent current members of the Windsor family, between Kate Middleton and Prince William, are no different.

In particular, the future King and Queen of the United Kingdom are supporters and financiers of associations and institutions that promote sport, with the building of social and sporting gathering places in different parts of the country. However, not everyone knows that the current King Charles, a great athlete, should also be added to the list.

All sports played by King Charles

According to family tradition, King Charles began playing various sports from a very early age, like his father Philip before him. In particular, Camilla Chand’s husband, He was a very good polo player: From his youth until 1992, he played continuously, and also promoted the spread of this discipline, which was previously seen as a “rich man’s sport.” During his long polo career, accidents also occurred: in 1990 the current king broke his arm, while in 2001 he suffered a disastrous fall from his horse. King Charles last played in 2005. The passion for polo was also passed on to Prince William, while – according to rumors – Prince Harry never liked this sport.

King Charles, all the sports played by the King – ( / Instagram: @RoyalsFamily)

The king is also an expert in fox hunting. The sport was played until 2005 in the United Kingdom, when it was abolished. King Charles has often been criticized for this over the years, and some of his hunting trips – even with children in tow – have been highly disputed. Moreover, he is a very skilled fisherman, especially of salmon: at different times of the year, he liked to go fishing along the River Dee in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, and in Iceland, on the coast of Vopnafjörður. Like all Britons, the King is also a football fan, even if he has never played the sport before, and is a Burnley fan.

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