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All games announced on PS4 and PS5 on August 5, 2021 -

All games announced on PS4 and PS5 on August 5, 2021 –

Today, August 5, 2021, Sony talked about the future of PlayStation Indies for PS4 and PS5: Here are all the announcements that have occurred via the PS Blog.

Sony PlayStation, via the PS Blog, has revealed a lot of news about seven games belonging to the category “Playstation indies“for every PS4 and PS5. So let’s see all the details that have been revealed, including the new trailers.

Oxenfrey 2

Oxenfrey 2

The first indie PlayStation introduced by Sony was Oxenfree 2 Lost Signals. The development team has confirmed that the game will also arrive on PS4 and PS5: in fact, you should know that until today the game has only been announced for PC and Nintendo Switch versions.

Oxenfree 2 is narrative adventure It will follow the same style as the first chapter, i.e. a game that revolves around a “powerful conversation system” and “a radio that tunes in to supernatural signals.” However, there is no direct and obvious link between the two chapters, so you can play Oxenfree 2 even without playing the first. You can read all the details about the hero in our dedicated news.

Axiom Virgo 2

Sony PlayStation has presented a new trailer dedicated to Axiom Verge 2. The developer also announced that the game is, in fact, two worlds in one: behind the upper world map, in fact, there is another world of hack, which you find in another dimension.

He explained that the breach is “a region of space, long considered impassable, which initially kept the inhabitants of Sudra safe from the outer universe.” In Axiom Verge 2, you will have the opportunity to step in and out of the breach and discover how this world relates to the other. In the case of hacking, you can find exclusive secrets, and at the same time, some places in the upper world can only be reached through a path that intersects with hacking, and vice versa.

as well as for visual level The hack is different from the normal version of the game. The hack is actually more like Sudra than Earth, moreover, the enemies are more organic and less robotic, but still strangers. It’s also important to note that these are not two different maps that you can go through, but rather two overlapping maps with carefully aligned entry and exit points, so players don’t get trapped.

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Alientrap Games announced Wytchwood. In this game, we play as a dilapidated old witch who is stuck in a dark pact that she does not remember to sign. We will have to use magic to solve the problems of many characters inspired by traditional fairy tales. A gameplay trailer has also been shared.

In terms of game mechanics, Wytchwood has been described as “Comfortable playing Exploring and assembling spell components is an important part of the experience. “So we will have to prepare appropriate potions and spells to solve each situation. The release period is set for a general factor Autumn 2021.

top of the sun

top of the sun
top of the sun

Platinum Games took advantage of the PS blog pages to tell us about Sol Cresta. However, the PlayStation Indies section wasn’t dedicated to the game per se, but rather more to the story that led to its creation.

Kamiya, who conceived the project from which Sol Krista was born, explained what drove him to work on a game of this kind, explaining how he proposed it and difficulty Essential for a project of this nature, we remember that it was first introduced as a sort of April Fool’s Day. In our news you can read the main points of the story of Sol Christa’s birth.

short walk

Weborwell announced it short walk Coming to PlayStation this fall. Let’s talk about a popular exploration game that consists of climbing a mountain. In the game we will be able to guide a bird named Claire to the top.

The developer explains that the idea for A Short Hike was born while traveling along the West Coast of the United States in search of ways Trips and natural beauty. He fell in love with hiking, and wanted to create a game around it. The main objective was to bring back “that moment of absolute peace after reaching the summit and observing the landscape from a new perspective”.

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To be able to do this, design short walk K open world To encourage exploration of less frequently used paths and reward players’ curiosity. Then he created a series of mini-games for those who explore secondary roads, ideal for taking a break from exploration (fishing, boating, volleyball…).

Also explain that the game has a file narrative structure Simple, but he doesn’t want to be superficial. However, the developer struggled to write the history of the game: the solution was to write dialogues in the same way he writes letters to friends.

As for the visual aspect, he decided to create a three-dimensional world in the style of “pixels”, reducing the number as much as possible. However, not everyone appreciates the low resolution, so it can be played on PS4 Pro and PS5 4K. You can see a comparison image of the original and 4K graphics below.

short walk
short walk

Finally, he makes it clear that the only aspect he hasn’t worked on personally is Music, composed by Mark Sparling who created a dynamic soundtrack that develops as you cruise around the island.


Phobia Game Studio announced that Carrion is coming to PS4 and through backwards compatibility, to PS5 in 2021. Carrion puts us in the shoes of a sprawling, monstrous creature that could swallow up any living creature standing in front of it. You can see the trailer above.

Carrion is offered as an experiment.The opposite of horror‘, this is a game in which we are – for once – the fearsome monster that everyone should fear. We will have to move in the shadows, grow, evolve and gain new devastating abilities such as a long-range attack and a network, but also the ability to manipulate light to become temporarily invisible or possess humans.

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Through the PS Blog, we are reminded that Hades will be available in PS4 and PS5 Starting next week, exactly from August 13, 2021. Through the post, the developers explained the story that led to the birth of the game.

They explain that they started talking about hell In the summer of 2017, just a few weeks after the release of their third game, Pyre. Thinking about the game and the past, they realized that the goal was to create a world full of atmosphere. In addition, they decided to take advantage of the best ideas from the previous titles to create a better game. Hades therefore became “sort of a ‘successful title’ that includes the best of previous projects”.

At that point the basic characteristics were defined, such as the idea of ​​creating a file Narativo like a rogue, which is a unique combination. He then explained that Hades was their first adaptation: previous titles were based on completely original worlds and characters, and instead Hades tapped into Greek mythology. The selection was conditioned on the team’s passion for the topic. Gameplay is obviously important as well, and one of Supergiant’s main points was to create an instant, interactive action-level game: so Hades does well for a few minutes and hours and hours on end.

Moreover, starting from what they did with Transistor, they created a game with an extension combat system Deep and complex as you can create your own power-up by combining the properties of other powers in different ways. Finally, Hades took the narrative structure from Pyre: the story, in fact, continues to progress, whether you are successful or not. Then the failure becomes part of the narrative rather than a cause for frustration.

These were the main points that led to The birth of Hades.