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TMW RADIO - Paolillo: "Con l

TMW RADIO – Paolillo: “Farewell to Lukaku we’re at the beginning of the end of Suning’s Inter”

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Ernesto Paulillo, the former Inter manager, spoke to open stadium, transition Radio TMW With Pietro Lazzerini and Dimitri Conti, starting with the analysis in light of Lukaku’s farewell: “Now it depends on what you want to do, how much you believe in and attached to the company, and how willing you are to build. And Lukaku showed this is the strong point of building a great Inter: the attraction to this The show shows that you were happy with the Scudetto but you don’t want to build a great future. The economy, a sign that you don’t want to believe and invest.”

Is this the beginning of the end of Suning?
“I really think so. If nothing else, they have shown that they have a big limitation in wanting to make money to see how it goes. I am convinced that Beppe Marotta’s skill will still allow him to put the patch, but that will be the case. We saw last year how he played Inter Milan when Lukaku was not there.

What are the signs of the inter?
“We are simply trying to go ahead and wait for the company’s buyer, who takes it and maybe it wouldn’t be a problem for Zhangs. If they wanted to continue, after selling my Hakimi, they wouldn’t have sold Lukaku either: she’s flying the white flag. I hope Maruta would like to continue to lead Inter: Only he can suggest a restart for the owner who will come, because Suning has to leave.”

Where is the difference between his Inter problems and this one?
“Inter in my time had a president who was the first fan and the first he wanted to see them win. When he didn’t bring in enough revenue, he put him and his own pocket. It wasn’t sustainable, go ahead, and then decided to sell. Times have changed today because costs are up, and no They are squeezed. Only a few teams are standing, the rest are falling apart. I don’t want to be Cassandra, but you think that all the other teams in Italy can survive if Inter have to surrender. To Lukaku? This means that the imbalance between cost and income has become Dramatically, we will see other tournaments become more important than our association.”

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Lega Siri A Mistaken Close Boxes?
“For me it was a complete blindness. Given the complexity of the situation, there were two cases: either you put the cost side on its feet again, which requires an agreement between the various leagues, or the funds. A matter of strength. When the money arrives and you bring in the capital, they want Also controlling how it is invested and how much it returns. The power slips from our hands, while our union does not want to give it to managers and professionals, but only to individuals and groups. In fact, we can see the difficulties in making decisions, with the majority having to be very large in order.”

Returning to Inter, what will Marotta do now?
“Let’s remember that Sampdoria was a huge success, then he did very well at Juventus and now also at Inter. When he arrived I think he was convinced he was part of a big, long-term project. He received an excellent offer for Lukaku. He put it on the property table: they could have told him that they They’d rather make a great Inter, and instead start selling. Conte also found himself in a different situation than he had imagined. I hope Marotta decides to stay and prepare to re-establish, and starting over won’t be easy, and I hope an offer doesn’t come to him either.”

Is Inter in danger of moving away from the struggle for the Champions League?
“The gap is widening tremendously, I will be happy to see Inter manage to enter the top four.”

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Regarding the new joint stadium project, how does Inter’s situation affect Milan?
“I wonder where the resources for a new stadium are being taken… Either they add them by introducing them through the Zhang family’s real estate investment, or if they have to make money I don’t think they can. I am convinced that there is a need for a stadium in Milan, but it must be accomplished Things are in two parts.