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Adani goes crazy with Messi's goal.  Pezzuto tries to stop it, social networks criticize him: "Embarrassed, not to be heard" - Football

Adani goes crazy with Messi’s goal. Pezzuto tries to stop it, social networks criticize him: “Embarrassed, not to be heard” – Football

appearance of the Messi In the very complex heart of the game vs MexicoAnd the His goal into the left corner of the goalkeeper Ochoa They blew up half of Lusail’s iconic stadium. at that point Daniel Adanithe second entry opinion In the comment next to Stefano Pezzottohas revealed in a very large volume his never hidden passion for Leo and Selection: “The best left foot in the world! From Di Maria to Messi! Always Rosario, the city of football, from Bajada to Birdrill, one to the other! The game opens!”. Bajada and Birdrill are the two provinces of the Argentine city where the two originated from. Then Adani continued: “Everyone stands for the best player in the world, respect for the first player, who is often criticized. He who keeps it alive, the mystic who enters the field. We nominated Diego before 10 minutes, with Diego inside, anything is possible. He looked up to the sky, towards his grandmother Celia, the best talent scout in the world, who accompanied him to training at Grandoli.”

Adani, the comment went crazy after Messi’s goal

Between one sentence and the next, Bizzotto attempted to enter his data, which was his most sober manner. However, the former defender of Brescia and Inter took the last word: “Famos! Leo keeps the book open, what is there to say.” Adani has often pushed himself to vocal boundaries similar to those reached during Argentina, Mexico, and above all during his years of commentary on sky. It is well known that he referred toGara Sharwaby Vicino, an Inter player at the time, stunned top scorer in two matches against Tottenham and Lazio. However, prime time screams Rayono By Adani not everyone liked. exactly the contrary. On social networks, there are many disgusting posts: “embarrassing, disturbing, unlistenable.”

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