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Måneskin sempre più provocanti tra rock e nudità. E l’annuncio conquista i fan

A true Victorian style icon

More and more provocative, more and more reprehensible: in a word, more and more rock. In defiance of critics, i Manskin They continue to produce hits one after another with an appearance that, time after time, contributes to making them iconic and memorable. The four bad boys who played on the streets in Rome are now just a distant memory, and the magic they managed to create on stages around the world is incomparable. Thanks to the innate talent, they were discovered thanks to the X Factor and exploded at the Sanremo Festival, but also the style of the band that is based on a mixture of Latest fashion and nudity Which makes us love them more and more.

Måneskin is a provocative cross between rock music and nudity

Måneskin’s tour has just ended Canada Where – as expected – they were greeted by showers of fans literally into the rapture of the four Italian rockers. Participation in the Sanremo Festival opened the doors to the Eurovision Song Contest, and since then they have come a long way: there is no corner in the world where young people (and not only) do not know the music of the manskins, their songs Optimistic and bold And besides these, their amazing appearance.

Four-phase Animals, as provocative as any self-respecting good “old-fashioned” rocker, even if there is very little antiquity at its core. They embody the forbidden dream of many, Young and beautiful And without much frills. Indeed, sometimes without clothes in the most classic sense of the term. The footage shared on Instagram after the concert in Montreal shows just that: Måneskin was tired after intense, rowdy days on stage, Small behind-the-scenes photos To thank the fans who attended their performance and made us smile.

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Thomas Raggi and Ethan Torcio wearing only pants and no shirt, Damien David In a fun combination of white socks and an impressive T-shirt (The Italians do it better.anxious to recall) and finally she is the Måneskin queen: Victoria De Angelis, heroine Without vest.

Victoria by Måneskin, the sensual queen (without a bra)

on me Victoria We could unlock entire chapters regarding her looks, but this time we have to admit it wonderful. We’ve seen her a thousand times bent on flaunting her petite butt bound butt without a bra, On vacation by the sea With friends like on stage. And the combo shown in Montreal shows how that detail doesn’t match the word “vulgarity,” at least in his case.

Victoria DeAngeles It’s so small, but it shines with a bang innate sensuality, both when he plays to the delight of his fans and when he walks off stage and shares classic backstage moments with Måneskin, which we love to catch a glimpse of. In the final shots he was dressed wonderfully White striped suit With high-waisted and slightly flared pants, complete style Gucci which the band has now become an ambassador for around the world. Camperos’ high heels (comfortable, of course), hair in the wind with her famous messy bangs, as well as her style, Unobstructed by the bra. Victoria is the true queen of rock, but also the queen of style.

Måneskin conquers audiences with a surprising announcement

It takes very little for Måneskin to surprise their fans. Just take a look at the Canadian’s latest looks, or even the ones he’s wearing American Music Awards Los Angeles in a suit and suspenders. The list goes on and on, but in the end, what really matters to those who enjoy listening to the band is Songs to sing out loud.

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In this regard, the four made in rock in Italy made a declaration that succeeded in captivating audiences in no time at all: they are not the only Grammy nominees 2023but the Their new album will be released next January Accelerates Which really sparks. “I can’t wait, I love you!” “I wasn’t waiting for anything else,” writes one fan, followed by showers of hearts, flames, and other enthusiastic comments that are an understatement. “Finally,” I am the happiest girl in the world.