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Andrea Giambruno, do you understand what kind of qualifications he has?  No one can imagine that

Andrea Giambruno, do you understand what kind of qualifications he has? No one can imagine that

An interesting backstory emerges in Andrea Giambruno's life: this is what he dreamed of before his career at Mediaset.

for every Andrea Giambruno The year 2023 was not a particularly auspicious and benign year: on the contrary, the Milanese journalist faced a great challenge. Heavy media beadIn addition to talking a lot about separating from the English Premier League Georgia Meloni.

Galletto was it Scandalous service It was launched by “Striscia la notizia”, ​​which immortalized him in his lascivious situations with some of his colleagues, the consequences of which were serious. In fact, Andrea Giambruno has been suspended from hosting “TG4 – Diario del giorno”, and is currently working behind the scenes of the show.

The journalist has also ended up in the eyes of many colleagues and public opinion, but so far he seems determined to regain his place at the forefront of the Biscione information panorama.

According to some recent rumours, in fact, Andrea Giambruno intends to He settled as a live reporter at TG4 Or alternatively, to Studio Aperto, and rehabilitate its image in the eyes of the Italian public. However, at a young age the journalist seemed to want a completely different career, and no one knew it Real qualification: Let's find out together in the next paragraph!

Andrea Giambruno's qualifications

Andrea Giambruno, born in 1981 in Milan, seems to be it Son of a housewife and a merchant. As soon as he finished his primary education, the young Milanese enrolled at the Paolo Fresi State Scientific Secondary School in Monza, but once he received his diploma, he suddenly changed direction.

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The former First Master actually chose a humanitarian letter and enrolled in the school Faculty of Philosophy at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan Until you get your degree. Having discarded the laurel wreath, Andrea Giambruno once again directed his energies towards a new goal, and began slowly He made his way into Mediaset's journalism sceneEven access to programs such as “Matrix”, “Quinta Colona”, “Mattino 5”, “Stasera Italia”, “TGcom 24” and “Studio Aperto”. Finally, in 2023, he took over the leadership of “TG4 – Diario del giorno”, but his last professional adventure turned out to be – as recent events have shown – an authentic caporetto.

Andrea Giambruno – (web source)

The future of Andrea Giambruno at Mediaset

According to some rumors, Andrea Giambruno has Involved in litigation with Mediaset To demote him to “TG4 – Diario del giorno”. However, other sources believe that exactly the opposite is more plausible, i.e. that the issuer has done so It launched its legal offices against the journalistWith the intention of checking for further violations during his participation in the program.

It is therefore not possible to know the host's exact fate: all that remains is to follow his next steps!